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1:1-18:21 non existare videtur!

XLI => 41 ? Should be LCI => 151

I am willing to split this huge page into books. however, the titles seem to have some typos, and I do not know who to correct them. could someone fix them? ThomasV 08:26, 19 May 2005 (UTC)

A lacking book in the Bible[recensere]

What about the book of Ruth?

What about Osee /Hosea?

Copyright Issue[recensere]

The Stutgart Bible is copyrighted.

Should we replace this copyrighted text with the text from The Clementine Vulgate Project, released in public domain?
--Antlem (disputatio) 07:01, 23 Augusti 2018 (UTC)
Of course if this text is copyrighted, it cannot be published in Wikimedia projects, and it has to be replaced. But another issue, how can a Vulgata Bible of Stuttgart be under copyright? It is an ancient text. --Tn4196 (disputatio) 14:59, 9 Septembris 2018 (UTC)
Now that the Vulgata Stuttgartensia is gone from this site, I'd be highly in favour of copying the Bible from the Clementine Vulgate Project here. Let's just not forget to acknowledge its source, as per the Project's (informal) request. I would furthermore include Oratio Manassae and Esdrae III and IV as well, obtained from some other Clementine edition.--Ser be etre shi (disputatio) 02:52, 4 Octobris 2018 (UTC)
@Ser be etre shi:@Antlem: I support replacing the standard Bible of Wikisource by the one on Vulsearch. I do believe it should and could be done quickly. By the way, for those who might be interested, a partial retranscription of an edition of the Clementine Vulgate is already on Wikisource; also, this page exists and I do not really know its purpose. Veverve (disputatio) 19:44, 8 Octobris 2019 (UTC)
@Ser be etre shi:@Antlem: if you do not oppose it, I will ask for this page to be deleted and try to put the Clementine Vulgate from VulSearch on Wikisource. Veverve (disputatio) 22:44, 12 Novembris 2019 (UTC)
@Veverve: By all means do it.--Ser be etre shi (disputatio) 22:11, 17 Novembris 2019 (UTC)
@Ser be etre shi: I am not really used to how Wikisource works. I am trying to add the VulSearch text to Vulgata Clementina, but as you can see I have had a few problems. Could you provide some help? Veverve (disputatio) 22:44, 17 Novembris 2019 (UTC)

Another missing book[recensere]

What about Hosea?

This text need a deep proofreading, I insert the template {{textquality|0%}}. Anyone could contribute, inserting a new text with well-known source. --Accurimbono 08:27, 4 Iulii 2007 (UTC)

Printed and on-line text sources[recensere]

  1. This text can be found printed in the Biblia Sacra Vulgata Editio quinta:
    • ISBN: 978-3-438-05303-9
    • Author: R. Gryson, B. Fischer, H.I. Frede, H.F.D
    • Publisher: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft
    • Pages: 2032
  2. On-line sources for this text can be found at:

--LaosLos 07:09, 17 Iulii 2008 (UTC)

The online texts are different.
This texts and biblegateway.com and biblehub.com/vul/ have incorrect "loquebaturque cum Mosi" (Exodus 33, 9). thelatinlibrary.com has "loquebaturque cum Moyse" which is grammatically correct as cum is used with ablative.

Still missing[recensere]

  • Most of Daniel
  • 3 Esdras
  • 4 Esdras
  • Oratio Manassae regis
  • Laodiceans
  • Psalm 151
  • Prologues 15:35, 28 Iulii 2009 (UTC)


Nonne melius est si libros in partes discernimus? Libri cuncti difficiles sunt dum lectio (et capitula iam extant). --Tn4196 (disputatio) 18:47, 15 Decembris 2013 (UTC)