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What is this? It looks like Latin, but it contains a lot of letter combinations that are not Latin. If it's an article, it should be moved to the Latin wikipedia. If it's a source document, it should be properly identified Eclecticology 08:32, 24 Nov 2003 (UTC)

:-) It's not, no and no. It is "Lorem Ipsum", The test text for book prints, word processors and other typography helpers. You can find a very nice description about it on the web, or, naturally, you may try to Google it. --grin 11:18, 2003 Nov 24 (UTC)

OK. Perhaps then, while this project is still young, it would be a good idea to develop the good habit of adding a couple lines at the beginning saying just what something is. Where it comes from, the author, date of publication, etc. Without that we could rapidly end up with a lot of disconnected texts, that don't mean anything to anybody. Eclecticology 18:07, 24 Nov 2003 (UTC)

I found this article very informative and (IMHO) properly formatted. I've used "Lorem ipsum" on and off for over a decade (in graphic design), but always just thought it was gibberish. I think an introductory paragraph to a source is very appropriate and helps to put the text in context. User:Gpowers 13:56, 1 July 2004 (UTC)

you can just link to w:lorem ipsum, no reason to post an explanation here. But this not being a Latin text, it shouldn't reside at the la subdomain, it should be moved to subdomain-less wikisource.org. 14:51, 24 Februarii 2007 (UTC)

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