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The full set of tools by Alex can be imported writing this into your user name/common.js page:

importScript("Usor:Alex brollo/common.js");

Tools are being customized to this project and to Latine OCR. Feel free to ask for updates/fixing of mistakes.

Sidebar tools
find & replace : find & replace; imports selection
delete row n.1: delete first line of the text (often a faulty header from OCR)
fix paragraphs: adds an empty row after a raw ending with a period.
postOCR: fixes some common OCR scannos, joins hypenated words, saving original line breaks (new behavior to make easier proofreading with horizontal layout)
unisci le linee: joins rows (use first aggiusta paragrafi in prose; add poem tags before using it in poems)
auto Rh: adds a precompiled Running header if previus pages have their Running header (use it when edit pages in sequence)
toggle annotations: toggles ref tags into the bottom of the page/into their original position; makes proofteading easier when many ref tags hurt reading
capitalize rows': converts first letter of rows into upper character
Bottom buttons. Consider only
Button center.png : center text
SmallcapsButton.png: small caps
Button capitalize.svg: capitalize initials
Button Up Low toggle.svg: toggle letter case
Btn toolbar indent more.png: indent more (into poems)
Btn toolbar indent less.png: indent less (into poems)
note: wraps selection into ref tags (and more...)
preOcr: deletes special characters blocking postOcr tool (<,>,{,}) from a low quality OCR text (don't use on formatted, wiki-markup containing pages!!!)
tableM: builds wiki table markup from text cut-and-pasted from Excel (cell contents splitted by tab characters, rows by new line characters). Select table text before using it.

Please consider that tools are presently WIP and that they can change in number and behavior. Test them and notify any issue to Usor:Alex brollo

Trascription conventions[recensere]

  • abbreviations: expand;
  • u/V: save original;
  • AE ae OE oe: use Æ æ Œ œ characters
  • hyphen (when not removed): use -

Frequent mistakes into the text[recensere]

  • for some reason, "que" suffix (represented by an abbreviation similar to qε) is almost alwais lacking.
  • sometimes hyphenated words at line end have no hypen character and they hev not been joined.
  • sometimes abbreviations are not properly expanded


All the images - but one - have been uploaded in Commons and the code to show them has been added to external OCR at the top of the page (so, usually the only thing to do is to move the code into the right place inside the text). Feel free to fix, if you like and can, any defect replacing the image with a better version.

Common templates[recensere]

  • {{sc}} for smallcaps
  • {{rh}} for running headers
  • {{pt}} for hyphenated, broken words at the end of the page
  • {{is}} for drop initials
  • {{center}} for centered lines
  • {{block center}} for centered block of lines (left-aligned into the block)
  • {{type}} for finely formatted titles
  • ....



https://it-dev.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/svn/mpdl-project-content/trunk/texts/eXist/archimedes/la/agric_remet_001_la_1556_old.xml books google

For poems please use <poem>....</poem> instead of initial character :