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123 EASY LATIN STORIES. [dom-exc dominor, y. 1, dep., to rule, dominus, i, m., a lord, domiiB, us, f., a house, donee, conj., aa long cbs, until, dono, V. 1, to present vnth, give, donum, i,n., a gift, dorcas, adis, f., a gazelle, donnio, ivi or ii, itnm, v. 4, to sletgx dorsnm, i,n., a back, drachma, ae, t, a drachm (a emaU coin). drama, atis, n., a play, dubito, v. 1, to doubt. dnceni, ae, a^ num. a4j.> two hundred ecuih, duco, xi, ctum, v. 3, to leaa, coneider. dum, co^., while f untiL dao, ae, o, num., two. duplex, ids, adj., double, entfiy, duplo, adv., by twice as mucA. durities, d, f., hardness. dux, dudH, o.,a leader, guide, B, ex, prep., out of, from, by, ebrius, a, um, adj., drunk. edico, xi, ctum, v. S, to give otU, edictum, i, n., a proclamation. edo, didi, ditum. y. S, to utter , produce, commit, tell, do, edo, edi, esum, y. 8, to eat, edooeo, cui, ctum, y, 2, to teach thor- oughly. educo, y. 1, to bring up, educo, xi. dium, y. 8, to lead out. eifatum, i, n., a sa/yvng, (e-farL) effero, extuli, datum, y. irreg., io brimg forth, raise, effenresoo, feryi,'y. 3, incep., to boil up, effido, feci, fectum, y. 8, to work out, complete^ effect, ef&ngo, finxi, Actum, y. 8, to fashion. efflo, y. 1, to breathe out, effluo, xi, y. 8, to Jlow forth, e£fbdio, fodi, fossum, v. 3, to dig out, effugio, fuel, y. 3, to escape, effulgeo, 81, y. 2, to shine forth, effundq, fudi, fnsum, to pour forth, scatter. egeo, ui, y. 2, to need, suffer want. ego,pron., f, egredior, greBSus, y. 8, dep., to go or come out, land. dido, ieci, iectum, y. 8, to throw out. elabor, lapsus, y. 8, dep., to slip away, dephantus, i, m , an eie^hamt, eligo, legi^ Iectum, y. 8^ to pick ouL emer^, si, sum, y. 8, tfi come up, emetioT, mensus, y. 4, dep., to measure out, traverse. emineo, ni, y. 2, to stand out, project, be conspicuous. eminus, ady., from a distance, (e-manus.) emitto, misi, missum, y. 8, to send forth, emo, emi, emptum, y. 8, to buy, enascor, stus, y. 8, dep., to be bom, grow out of, enim, coi^.,/or. eo, ady., thuher, ephorus, i, m , a Spaaian magistrate, epulae, arum, f., afea^t. epulor, y. 1, dep., to feast, equa, ae, f., a mare. eques, itis, m., a horseman. equester, tris, tre, a^j., cavalry, equidem, ady., truly, equinus, a, um, ad^., of horses. equitatus, us, m., caoalry. equus, i, m., a horse, erga, prep., touxurds. er^ro, ady., wherefore, ther^ore, engo, rexi, rectum, y. 8, to raise up, rear, exdte, eripio, ripui, reptum, y. 8, to snatch away. error, oris, m., a roandering, mistake. erumpo, rupi, ruptum, y. 8, to burst forth, esca, ae, f., a bait. escnlentus, a,um, a^j., edible, essedarius, i, m., a charioteer, et, co^j., cmd, both, also, even, etenim, coxg.,/or. etiam, coig., also, too, eyado, si, sum, y. 8, to turn out, to escapefroTA, eyanesco, nui, y. 8, incep., to disap pear, eyeho, yexi, yectum, y. 3, to carry out, eyentus, us, m., a result, event, everto, ti, sum, y. 8, to overthrow, eyoco, y. 1, to call out, evolo, y. 1, to fly forth, examen, inis, n., asuform, (ex-agmen.) exaudio, iyi or H, itum, y. 4, to hour plaiwy, excedo, cessi, cessum, y. 8, to ^ out, exddium, i. n., <26»^ru<:^ton. (ex-caedo.) exddo, ddi, y. 8, to fall out, lose, (ez- cado.) excido, ddi, cisum, y. 8, to cut out or of, (ex-caedo.) excipio, cepi, ceptnm, y. 8, to except, succeed, receive, (ex-capio.) exdto, y. 1, to bring out, raise, arouse, exdomo, y. 1, to caU out, exfludo, si, sum, y. 3, to shut out, hatch, prevent, (ex-claudo.<