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618 C. 2–5. Anno vicesimo septimo Henrici VI. A.D. 1448.


A Rehearfal and Confirmation for Three Years of the Statute of 20 Hen. 6. cap. 3. provided againft JVelJhmen that take any EngUJhmen^ their Goods and Chatties, and carry them into Wales. See /Appendix.

C A P. V. Certain Days wherein Fairs and Markets ought not to be kept.

" TTEM, Confidering the abominable Injuries and TTEM confideratis abhominabilibus injuriis Sc. " X Offences done to Almighty God, and to his Saints, 1. offenfis omnipotent! Deo noftro Sandtifque fuis

" always Aiders and lingular Ailifters in our Neceflities, noftris feniper in neceflitatibus adjutoribus & fuc-