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Let's begin with this[recensere]

Er... we must write an alert message for this kind of text, something like "unsourced texts are not welcome".

This text is not infectus (i.e. unfinished), but

  • with a wrong title (Gimme Hope Iuana...)
  • with a lot of typos making me suspect a fake Latin text (pelitur should be pellitur, a second time ianua is spelled iauna -estonian or latvian?-)
  • No other occurrence according to Google

either we decide that the evidence of the source for new text is the contributor's duty, or we'll be pursuing sources and gathering trash until we won't be able to cope with it.

What about this?

On it.source I delete unsourced text within a week, but we have templates to warn users and IP's. - εΔω 14:49, 10 Iulii 2008 (UTC)