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Request for Admin status at Wikibooks[recensere]

Salvete omnes, I'm looking for support to be able to tidy up Latin Wikibooks at the Porta communis; if anyone feels able to add a comment I would be very grateful! Multas gratias, JimKillock (disputatio) 10:33, 14 Aprilis 2024 (UTC)[reply]

"Transkribus: Latin Incunabula" added; help with columns[recensere]

Salvete. Wikimedia have added the "Latin Incunabula (Reichenau)" model to Transkribus OCR. I requested this for De proprietatibus rerum. So far, it's working impressively.

I have a question, though. When you have two columns on a page (here, for example), Transkribus interleaves the text of the two. I can make it take a column at a time by restricting the OCR to the area of that column on the page, but that feels like a workaround. Isn't there an option to tell it to look out for columns? Marnanel (disputatio) 14:08, 21 Aprilis 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Invitation to join April Wikisource Community Meeting[recensere]

Hello fellow Wikisource enthusiasts!

We are the hosting this month’s Wikisource Community meeting on 27 April 2024, 7 AM UTC (check your local time).

Similar to previous meetings, the agenda will be split into two segments. The first half will cover non-technical updates, such as events, conferences, proofread-a-thons, and collaborations. In the second half, we'll dive into technical updates and discussions, addressing key challenges faced by Wikisource communities.

Simply follow the link below to secure your spot and engage with fellow Wikisource enthusiasts:

Event Registration Page

If you have any suggestions or would just prefer being added to the meeting the old way, simply drop a message on

Thank you for your continued dedication to Wikisource. We look forward to your active participation in our upcoming meeting.

Regards KLawal-WMF, Sam Wilson (WMF), and Satdeep Gill (WMF)

Sent using MediaWiki message delivery (disputatio) 12:21, 22 Aprilis 2024 (UTC)[reply]