Annales Cambriae A

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Sine Nomine
Annales Cambriae A
Harleian MS. 3859 c. A.D. 1100
c. 1100
editio: incognita
fons: incognitus

Annales Cambriae A-text[recensere]

After Egerton Phillimore's edition 'The Annales Cambriae and Old-Welsh genealogies from Harleian MS. 3859', Y Cymmrodor 9 (1888) 141-83.[recensere]

The count of anni (first column) has been added here to clarify the occurrance of an’ (annus) markings in the MS. The second column shows the sequence of an’ markings, with and without puncti, as recorded by Phillimore (op.cit.). The third column shows the putative A.D. dates as suggested by Phillimore et al.. The fourth column shows the text of the annals as edited by Phillimore; that is, his expansion of the short-hand Latin of the scribe, retaining the scribal line-breaks with and without hyphens, and with words split or conjoined by the scribe, lower case letters where capitals might be expected, and other scribal errors. Editorial notes appear flushed right. These notes are mostly derived from, but are a very small sample of, the extensive editorial notes in Phillimore op. cit.

Year markers as found in MS. Putative A.D. year [Phillimore] Text
[fo. 190a] [col. 1.]
(a1) an’ [445]
(a2) an’
(a3) an’
(a4) an’
(a5) an’
(a6) an’
(a7) an’
(a8) an’
(a9) an’. [453] Pasca com
mvtatur super di-
em dominicum cum
papa leone . episcopo
rome .
(a10) an’. x . [454] Brigida
sancta nascitur .
(a11) an’
(a12) an’
(a13) an’ [457] Sanctus Patricius
ad dominum migra-
tur .
(a14) an’
(a15) an’
(a16) an’
(a17) an’
(a18) an’
(a19) an’
(a20) an’. xx .
(a21) an’
(a22) an’
(a23) an’
(a24) an’ [468] quies benigni
episcopi .
(a25) an’
(a26) an’
(a27) an’
(a28) an’
(a29) an’
[col. 2.]
(a30) an’. xxx .
(a31) an’
(a32) an’
(a33) an’
(a34) an’
(a35) an’
(a36) an’
(a37) an’
(a38) an’
(a39) an’
(a40) an’. xl .
(a41) an’
(a42) an’
(a43) an’
(a44) an’
(a45) an’
(a46) an’
(a47) an’
(a48) an’
(a49) an’. l . (one year too few between years xl and l)
(a50) an’
(a51) an’
(a52) an’
(a53) an’
(a54) an’
(a55) an’
(a56) an’ [501] Episcopus ebur pau-
sat inchristo an
no . cccl . etatis
(a57) an’
(a58) an’
(a59) an’. lx .
(a60) an’
(a61) an’
(a62) an’
(a63) an’
[col. 3.]
(a64) an’
(a65) an’
(a66) an’
(a67) an’
(a68) an’
(a69) an’
(a70) an’. lxx . (one too many years between years lx and lxx)
(a71) an’.
(a72) an’ [516] Bellum badonis inquo
arthur portauit crucem
domini nostri ihu xp’i . tribus
diebus & tribus noctibus
inhumeros suos &
brittones uictores fuerunt .
(a73) an’
(a74) an’
(a75) an’
(a76) an’
(a77) an’ [521] Sanctus columcille nascitur.
Qui es sanctae brigidae .
(a78) an’
(a79) an’
(a80) an’. lxxx .
(a81) an’
(a82) an’
(a83) an’
(a84) an’
(a85) an’
(a86) an’
(a87) an’
(a88) an’
(a89) an’
(a90) an’. xc .
(a91) an’
(a92) an’
(a93) an’ [537] Gueith cam lann inqua
arthur et medraut
corruerunt . et mortalitas
[fo. 190b] [col. 1.]
et in hiber
nia fuit.
(a94) an’.
(a95) an’.
(a96) an’.
(a97) an’.
(a98) an’.
(a99) an’.
(a100) an’. c . [544] dormitatio
(a101) an’.
(a102) an’.
(a103) an’. [547] Mor-
rex gene
dotae .
(a104) an’.
(a105) an’.
(a106) an’.
(a107) an’.
(a108) an’.
(a109) an’.
(a110) an’. cx .
(a111) an’.
(a112) an’.
(a113) an’.
(a114) an’. [558] Gabr-
an . filius
dungart :
moritur .
(a115) an’.
(a116) an’.
(a117) an’.
(a118) an’ [562] Colum-
[col. 2.]
cillae inbrit-
tannia ex-
(a119) an’
(a120) an’ cxx .
(a121) an’
(a122) an’
(a123) an’
(a124) an’
(a125) an’
(a126) an’. [570] Gildas
(a127) an’
(a128) an’
(a129) an’ [573] Bellum
(a130) an’ cxxx . [574] Brendan
byror dor
(a131) an’
(a132) an’.
(a133) an’
(a134) an’
(a135) an’
(a136) an’ [580] Guur-
ci et peretur
(a137) an’
(a138) an’.
(a139) an’
(a140) an’. cxl . [584] Bellum con-
tra eubo-
niam et dis-
positio da-
nielis ban-
(a141) an’.
[col. 3.]
(a142) an’
(a143) an’
(a144) an’
(a145) an’. [589] Conversio con
stantini ad
(a146) an’
(a147) an’
(a148) an’
(a149) an’
(a150) an’. cl .
(a151) an’ [595] Columcille mo
ritur. Dunaut
rex moritur.

Agustinus mellitus
anglos ad christum
(a152) an’
(a153) an’
(a154) an’
(a155) an’
(a156) an’
(a157) an’. [601] Sinodus urbis
legion . Gre-
gorius obíít in
christo. Dauid
episcopus moni iu-
(a158) an’
(a159) an’
(a160) an’. clx .
(a161) an’
(a162) an’. [606] Dispositio
cinauc episcopi .
(a163) an’ [607] Aidan map
gabran moritur .
(a164) an’
(a165) an’
(a166) an’
(a167) an’
[col. 4.]
(a168) an’
(a169) an’. [612] Conthigirni
obitus et
dibric episcopi .
(a170) an’. [613] Gueith cair
legion . et ibi ceci-
dit selim filíí cinan.
Et iacob filíí be-
li dormitatio.
(a171) an’. clxx . (one too many years between clx and clxx)
(a172) an’
(a173) an’ [616] Ceretic obíít.
(a174) an’. [617] Et guin in-
cipit regnare .
(a175) an’
(a176) an’
(a177) an’
(a178) an’
(a179) an’
(a180) an’
(a181) an’. clxxx . [624] sol obscuratus est
(a182) an’.
(a183) an’. [626] Etguin
baptizatus est:
Et run filius urb-
gen baptiza-
uit eum.
(a184) an’. [627] Belin moritur.
(a185) an’.
(a186) an’. [629] obsessio cat
guol laun re-
gis ininsula glannauc.
(a187) an’. [630] Guidgar
uenit et non
redit . kalendis . ia-
nuariis . gueith me-
icen et ibi inter-
[fo. 191a] [col. 1.]

fectus est et guin .
cum duobus filíís
suis . Catguo
llaun autem
uictor fuit .
(a188) an’. [631] Bellum cant
scaul inquo cat-
guollaan corruit.
(a189) an’. [632] Strages
ne & iugulatio
(a190) an’.
(a191) an’. cxc .
(a192) an’.
(a193) an’.
(a194) an’.
(a195) an’.
(a196) an’.
(a197) an’.
(a198) an’.
(a199) an’.
(a200) an’.
(a201) an’. cc . [644] Bellum coc
boy inquo osuuald .
rex nordorum &eo-
ba rex merciorum
(a202) an’. [645] Percusio de
meticae regionis .
quando cenobi-
um dauid incensum est .
(a203) an’.
(a204) an’.
(a205) an’.
(a206) an’.
(a207) an’. [650] Ortus stellae .
(a208) an’.
(a209) an’.
(a210) an’.
[col. 2.]
(a211) an’ cc.x .
(a212) an’
(a213) an’. [656] Strages gaíí
(a214) an’. [657] Pantha occisio.
(a215) an’. [658] Osguid uenit
et predam duxit.
(a216) an’.
(a217) an’.
(a218) an’. [661] Commene fota.
(a219) an’. [662] broc mail . mo
(a220) an’
(a221) an’. cc.xx .
(a222) an’. [665] Primum pasca
apud saxones cele-
bratur. Bellum bado-
nis secundo. morcant
(a223) an’.
(a224) an’
(a225) an’
(a226) an’ [669] Osguid rex
saxonum moritur .
(a227) an’.
(a228) an’.
(a229) an’.
(a230) an’.
(a231) an’. (one too many years between cc.xx and ccxxx)
(a232) an’. ccxxx .
(a233) an’.
(a234) an’. [676] Stella mi-
re inagnitudi-
nis . uisaest per to-
tum mundum lu-
(a235) an’.
(a236) an’.
[col. 3.]
(a237) an’.
(a238) an’.
(a239) an’.
(a240) an’. [682] Mortalitas magna
fuit in brittannia . nqua
catgualart filius catguo-
l-aum obiit.
(a241) an’. [683] Mortalitas inhiber-
(a242) an’. ccxl . [684] Terre motus
in eubonia factus est magnus .
(a243) an’.
(a244) an’.
(a245) an’.
(a246) an’.
(a247) an’. [689] Pluuia sanguinea
facta est in brittannia .
et lac . et butirum uersa
sunt in sanguinem .
(a248) an’.
(a249) an’.
(a250) an’.
(a251) an’.
(a252) an’. ccl .
(a253) an’.
(a254) an’.
(a255) an’.
(a256) an’.
(a257) an’.
(a258) an’.
(a259) an’.
(a260) an’.
(a261) an’.
(a262) an’. (one too many years between ccl and cclx)
(a263) an’. cclx [704] Alch frit rex
saxonum obíít .
Dormiatio adomnan.
(a264) an’.
(a265) an’.
[fo. 191b] [col. 1.]
(a266) an’.
(a267) an’.
(a268) an’.
(a269) an’.
(a270) an’.
(a271) an’.
(a272) an’.
(a273) an’. cc.lxx [714] Nox lu-
cida fuit sicut
dies . pipínus maior
rex francorum obí-
ít in christo .
(a274) an’.
(a275) an’.
(a276) an’. [716] Osbrit rex saxo-
num moritur
(a277) an’. [717] Consecracio mi-
chaelis archange-
li aecclesiae ..
(a278) an’.
(a279) an’.
(a280) an’ [720] Æstas torrida.
(a281) an’. [722] Beli filius elfin mo-
ritur . & bellum hehil
apud cornuenses . gue-
ith gart mailauc .
Cat pencon . apud
dexterales britto
nes . & brittones
uictores fuerunt . in
istis tribus bellis .
(a282) an’.
(a283) an’. cclxxx
(a284) an’.
(a285) an’.
(a286) an’.
(a287) an’. [728] Bellum mortis
(a288) an’.
[col. 2.]
(a289) an’.
(a290) an’.
(a291) an’.
(a292) an’.
(a293) an’. (one too many years between cclxxx and ccxc)
(a294) an’. ccxc (Phillimore's [A.D.] dates skip a year between (287) and (295))
(a295) an’. [735] Beda presbiter
(a296) an’. [736] Ougen rex pic-
torum obíít.
(a297) an’.
(a298) an’.
(a299) an’.
(a300) an’.
(a301) an’.
(a302) an’.
(a303) an’.
(a304) an’. ccc
(a305) an’.
(a306) an’.
(a307) an’.
(a308) an’.
(a309) an’.
(a310) an’. [750] Bellum inter pic-
tos & britto-
nes . id est gueiht .
moce tauc.
Et rex eorum
talargan . a
brittonibus oc-
ciditur . teudubr
filius beli moritur.
(a311) an’.
(a312) an’.
(a313) an’.
(a314) an’. cccx [754] Rotri
rex brittonum .
moritur .
(a315) an’.
(a316) an’. (years (a316) & (a317) added P.S. by the scribe.
See also years
(a403) & (a404))
(a317) an’. [757] Edpald rex saxo
num moritur.
[col. 3.]
(a318) an’.
(a319) an’.
(a320) an’. [760] Bellum inter
brittones et saxo-
nes . id est gueith .
hirford . & dun-
nagual filíí teu-
dubr . moritur .
(a321) an’.
(a322) an’.
(a323) an’.
(a324) an’. cccxx .
(a325) an’.
(a326) an’.
(a327) an’.
(a328) an’. [768] Pasca com-
mutatur apud brit-
tones emendante
elbodugo homi-
ne dei.
(a329) an’.
(a330) an’.
(a331) an’.
(a332) an’.
(a333) an’.
(a334) an’.
(a335) an’. [775] Fernmail
filius iudhail mo-
(a336) an’. [776] Cenioyd
rex pictorum obiit .
(a337) an’. [777] Cudberth abbas
(a338) an’. [778] Vastatio brit-
tonum dexterali-
um apud offa.
(a339) an’.
(a340) an’.
(a341) an’.
(a342) an’.
[fo. 192a] [col. 1.]
(a343) an’.
(a344) an’. cccxl . [784] Vasta-
tio brittonum . cum of-
fa inaestate.
(a345) an’.
(a346) an’.
(a347) an’.
(a348) an’.
(a349) an’.
(a350) an’.
(a351) an’.
(a352) an’.
(a353) an’.
(a354) an’.
(a355) an’. ccc.l. (one too many years between cccxl and cccl)
(a356) an’. [795] Primus aduen-
tus gentilium . apud
dexterales adhi-
(a357) an’. [796] Offa rex mer-
ciorum . & morge-
tiud . rex deme-
torum . morte mo-
riuntur . et bellum
rud glann .
(a358) an’.
(a359) an’. [798] Caratauc rex
guenedote apud
saxones iugulatur .
(a360) an’.
(a361) an’.
(a362) an’.
(a363) an’.
(a364) an’.
(a365) an’. ccc.lx .
(a366) an’.
(a367) an’.
(a368) an’. [807] Arthgen rex
[col. 2.]
(a369) an’. [808] regin rex demeto-
rum . & catell pouis mori-
(a370) an’. [809] Elbodg archi episcopus
guenedote . regione
migrauit ad domi-
(a371) an’. [810] Combustio mi-
(a372) an’. [811] Eugem filius mar-
getiud moritur.
(a373) an’. [812] De cantorum ictu
fulminis comburit.
(a374) an’. [813] Bellum inter hi-
guel uictor fuit.
(Bellum inter Howel et kinan . h(owel) uictor fuit, MS. B (annal b843))
(a375) an’. (one too many years between ccclx and ccclxx)
(a376) an’. ccc.lxx . [814] Tonitruum mag-
num fuit et incendia
multa fecit .
Trifun filius regin
moritur .
Et grip huid fi-
lius cincen dolosa
dispensatione a
fratre suo elized
post inter uallum duo-
rum mensium inter-
ficitur . Higuel
demonia insv-
la triumpha-
uit . et cinan de
ea expulit . cum
contritione mag-
na exercitus sui .
(a377) an’
(a378) an’. [816] Higuel iterum
[col. 3.]
demonia expulsus est .
Cinan rex moritur .
(a379) an’. [817] Gueith lannmaés.
(a380) an’.
(a381) an’.
(a382) an’.
(a383) an’.
(a384) an’. [822] Arcem detantorum
asaxonibus destruitur .
et regionem poyuis
in sua potestate
(a385) an’.
(a386) an’. ccclxxx .
(a387) an’. [825] Higuel moritur .
(a388) an’.
(a389) an’.
(a390) an’.
(a391) an’.
(a392) an’.
(a393) an’. [831] Laudent moritur .
et saturbiu hail
miniu moritur.
(a394) an’
(a395) an’
(a396) an’. ccc.xc.
(a397) an’
(a398) an’
(a399) an’
(a400) an’
(a401) an’
(a402) an’. [840] Nobis episcopus
inminiu reg-
(a403) an’ (years (a403) & (a404) added P.S. by the scribe.
See also years
(a316) & (a317))
(a404) an’. [842] Iud
(a405) an’.
(a406) an’. cccc. [844] mermin
moritur . gueith
[fo. 192b] [col. 1.]
(a407) an’.
(a408) an’.
(a409) an’.
(a410) an’. [848] gueit finnant
iudhail . rex gue-
nt auiris broce-
niauc . occisus est.
(a411) an’. [849] Mouric occisus est
(a412) an’. [850] Cinnen agen-
tilibus jugulatur .
(a413) an’.
(a414) an’.
(a415) an’. [853] Mon uastata
agentilibus nigris .
(a416) an’. cccc.x. [854] Cinnen
rex pouis . in roma obíít .
(a417) an’
(a418) an’. [856] Cemoyth rex
pictorum moritur . & ionathan
princeps oper-
gelei moritur.
(a419) an’.
(a420) an’.
(a421) an’.
(a422) an’.
(a423) an’.
(a424) an’. [862] Cat gueithen
expulsus est.
(a425) an’
(a426) an’. cccc.xx. [864] du-
ta uastavit
(a427) an’. [865] Ciannant in
mer obíít .
(Chian nant newer obiit. 'Cian of Nant Nyfer' MS. B (annal (b892))
(a428) an’. [866] Vrbs ebrauc .
[col. 2.]
uastata est id est cat
dub gint.
(a429) an’.
(a430) an’.
(a431) an’. [869] Cat brin onnen.
(a432) an’. [870] Arx alt clut .
a gentilibus frac-
ta est.
(a433) an’. [871] Guoccaun
mersus est rex ce-
(a434) an’
(a435) an’. [873] Nobis et mou-
ric moriuntur .
gueith bann guo-
(a436) an’.
(a437) an’. [875] Dungarth rex
cerniu . mersus est .
(a438) an’. [876] gueith diu sul
(a439) an’. [877] Rotri et filius
eius guriat asa-
xonibus iugu-
(a440) an’. [878] Aed map neill
(a441) an’.
(a442) an’. [880] Gueit conguoy
digal rotri a-
(a443) an’.
(a444) an’. [882] Cat guethen .
(a445) an’.
(a446) an’. cccc.xl.
(a447) an’. [885] Higuel inro-
ma de funtus est.
(a448) an’.
[col. 3.]
(a449) an’. [887] Cerb all de-
functus est.
(a450) an’.
(a451) an’.
(a452) an’.
(a453) an’.
(a454) an’. [892] Himeyd
(a455) an’.
(a456) an’. cccc.l. [894] Ana-
raut cum an-
glis uenit uas-
tare ceretici-
aun . et strat
tui .
(a457) an’. [895] Hord mani
uenerunt . et uas-
tauerunt loycr .
et bricheniauc
etguent .et guinn
(a458) an’.
(a459) an’.
(a460) an’.
(a461) an’.
(a462) an’. [900] Albrit rex
giuoys . mori-
(a463) an’.
(a464) an’. [902] Igmunt in-
insula món
uenit . et tenu-
it maes osme-
(a465) an’. [903] Loumarch
filius hiemid .
[fo. 193a] [col. 1.]
(a466) an’. cccc.lx. [904] Rostri de cole est
in arguistli.
(a467) an’.
(a468) an’. [906] Gueith dinme-
ir . et miniu fra-
cta est.
(a469) an’. [907] Guorchiguil
(a470) an’. [908] asser defunctus est.
(a471) an’. [909] Catell rex mo-
(a472) an’.
(a473) an’.
(a474) an’.
(a475) an’. [913] Otter uenit.
(a476) an’.cccc.lxx.
(a477) an’. [915] Anaraut rex
(a478) an’.
(a479) an’. [917] Ælfled regi-
na obíít.
(a480) an’.
(a481) an’. [919] Clitauc rex
occisus est.
(a482) an’.
(a483) an’ [921] Gueith dinas
(a484) an’.
(a485) an’.
(a486) an’.cccc.lxxx.
(a487) an’.
(a488) an’.
(a489) an’.
(a490) an’. [928] Higuel rex
perrexit adro-
(a491) an’.
(a492) an’.
[col. 2.]
(a493) an’.
(a494) an’.
(a495) an’.
(a496) an’. cccc.xc.
(a497) an’. (the an’. in the middle of the annal for [939] gives one too many for this decade)
(a498) an’.
(a499) an’.
(a500) an’. [938] Bellum brune.
(a501) an’. [939] Himeid filius
clita .
(a502) an’. ([939]) uc et mouric .
(a503) an’. [940] Ædelstan mo-
(a504) an’.
(a505) an’. [942] Abloyc rex mo-
(a506) an’. [943] Catel filius art-
mail . ueneno
moritur . et iud-
gual . et filius eius
elized . a saxo-
nibus occiduntur.
(a507) an.’. d . [944] Lunberth .
episcopus inminiu
(a508) an’.
(a509) an’. [946] Cincenn filius eli-
zed ueneno períít.
et eneuris episcopus
miniú obiít . Et strat clut .
uastata est asaxo-
(a510) an’. [947] Eadmund rex
saxonum iugu-
latus est
(a511) an’.
(a512) an’.
(a513) an’. [950] Higuel rex
[col. 3.]
brittonum obíít.
(a514) an’. [951] Et cat guocaun
filius ouein . a saxo-
nibus iugulatur . Et
bellum carno.
(a515) an’.
(a516) an’.
(a517) an’. dx . [954] Rotri filius
higuel moritur .
(a518) an’.
(a519) an’.
(a520) an’.
(a521) an’.
(a522) an’.
(a523) an’
(a524) an’.
(a525) an’
(a526) an’
(a527) an’. dxx .
(a528) an’
(a529) an’
(a530) an’
(a531) an’
(a532) an’
(a533) an’
(a534) an’.
(a535) an’.
(a536) an’.
(a537) an’. dxxx .
(a538) an’.
(a539) an’
(a540) an’. [977] (the third year after year dxxx, i.e. year 533)