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Categoria:Scriptores civitatis incognitae

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Paginae Scriptorum sine notitia |Natio= in Formula:Scriptor

Authors' pages without the parameter |Natio= in Template:Scriptor

Please note:

  1. the template will try to retrieve this information from Wikidata; if an author is listed in this category, it means it has failed to retrieve it, either because the "country of citizenship" (P27) statement is missing on wikidata, or because the template cannot read it (this happens expecially with Italian or Greek authors); in this second case, it can be manually specified in the field |Natio= of the template...
  2. ...but in many cases, an author lacks the "country of citizenship" information because their country of citizenship in actually unknown; in this case no further actions are required

Articula in categoria "Scriptores civitatis incognitae"

Huic categoriae sunt hae 200 paginae ex omnino 315 paginis.

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