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Fairytale left blue.png Cremutius Scaena III
abl. ablative. gen. genitive. perf. perfect.
acc. accusative. impers. impersonal. Pf- perfect.
adj. adjective. indecl. indeclinable. pl. plural.
adv. adverb. intrans intransitive. prep. preposition.
comp. comparative. m. masculine. s. singular.
conj. conjunction. mid. middle. sup. supine.
dat. dative. n. neuter. superl. superlative.
def. defective. nom. nominative. trans. transitive.
f. feminine. num. numeral. vb. verb.
fut. future

The numerals 1, 2, etc., denote the declension of nouns, the class of adjectives, and the conjugation of verbs respectively; but nouns and verbs with -i stems are marked as ‘-i nouns’ and ‘-i verbs’.

Where the supine form is represented by a rule (), the supine stem is not in general use.

Prepositions take the accusative case, unless otherwise stated.

ā, ah!
ā (before consonants only), ab, with vth.,fro>n ; with passives, by ; abs te, from you.
abeo, go azvay.
abripio, -ripui, -reptum, -i vb., pmll away.
absens, 2, absent.
absum, am absent.
absurdus, i, stupid.
accedo, -cessT, -cessum, 3 approach ; ad hostes accedit, approaches the enemy.
accido, -cidi, 3 happen.
accipio, -cepi, -ceptum, -i vb. receive.
accusator, m. 3, accuser.
accuso, I, accuse.
ad, to, near.
adduco, 3, lead up.
adeo, approach ; ducem adit, appi-oaches the general.
adfero, attulT, adlatum, bring up.
adflcio, -feci, -fectum , -i vb. , cover with ; illud me ira adfecit, that gave me a feeling of anger.
adflrmo, i, state plainly.
adhuc, till now.
adimo, -emi, -emptum, 3, take away ; mihi gladium ademit, took my s-vord from me.
aditus, m. 4, approach, access.
adiuvo, -iuvl, -iutum, i, help.
adsentior, 4, express agrcefnent.
adspieiOj-spexi, -spectum, 3, see.
adsum, atn present ; senatul
ndcrat, was present at the
adulescens, m.i. -y^youih, vtaid.
advenio, 4, arrive.
aedes, f. pi., -i noun, house.
aedifico, i, build.
aeneus, i, brazen.
aequo, i, make equal.
aetas, aetatis, f. 3, age.
aeterrms, i, e'ernal.
aevum, n. 2, ai^e.
affero — adfero.
afflcio = adficio.
affirmo = adfirmo.
agedum, covic now !
agito, I, stir.
agmen, agminis, n. 3, eonpany.
ago, egl, actum, 3, do^ drive ;
quid agis, Jiow are you ?
aio, say, say yes.
albus, I, ivhiic.
alienus, i, bcIongi)ig to anolJicr.
aliquando, at last.
aliquis, aliquae or aliqua, sovie
aliquot, many.
alius, other.
alo, aluT, 3, rear.
alter, altera, other (of two),
ambo, both.
ambulo, i, take a walk.
amTca, f. ^ friend.
amicus, m. 2, friend.
amitto, 3, let go, lose.
amo, I, love.
amor, amoris, m, 3, love.
ilmoveo, 2, banish.
amplector, -plexus, 3, eifibracc.
amplexus, m. 4. embrace.
amplius, longer.
amplus, r, grand.
an, or?
anima, f. i, soul anima deficit,
animus, m. 2, mind; pi., high
annalea, m. pi. -i noun, history.
annon, or not ?
annus, m. 2, year.
ante, adv. and prep., before.
antecedo, 2>, go before.
antepono, 3,/r^;'.
Antium,n. 2, Antiuin (a town).
appello, I, name ; ad Caesarem
appello, appeal to Caesar.
appeto, -petlvi, -petltum, 3,
aim at.
apud, prep., near, in the sight
ara, f. i , altar.
ardor, m. 3, keenness.
argentum, n. s. 2, silver.
arma, n. pi. 2, arms.
Asia, f. I, Asia.
aspicio — adspiciu.
at, but.
ater, atra, i, black.
at que, and; idem atquc, the
same as.
attendo, 3 ; animum attende,
give your attention.
attineo, -tinui, 2, reach to ; nihil
attinet ad me, it does not con-
cern me.
attingo, -tigl, 3, touch.
attoUo, no )L or sup., 3, lift up.
auctor, aucloris, m. 3, origina-
auctoritas, -tatis, f. 3, authority.
audeo, ausus, 2, dare.
audio, 4, hear.
aufero, abstull, abllitum, carry
augeo, auxT, auctum, 2, make
larger, increase.
Augusta, f. I, 'the revered,'
title of Livia, wife of the em-
peror Augustus.
Augustus, m. 2, title of the
aurevis, i, golden.
aut, or : aut . . . aut, either . . .
bellum, n. 2, iva7
beno, well ; bene est, il is well.
beneficium, n. 2, benefit^ kind-
bejievolentia, f. , goodivill.
bed, I, bless.
bibo, bihy, potum, 3, drink.
bis, twice.
bonus. I, good; comparison —
melior, optimus.
cado, cecidi, casum, 2^, fall.
caecus, i, blind.
caedes, f., -i noun, slaughler.
eaedo, cecTdl, caesum, ?,, strike,
caelum, n. s. 2, heaven.
caerimonia, f. 1, ritual.
Caesar, Caesaris, m. 3, Caesar.
calamitas, -talis, f. 3, disaster.
candidatus, i, clad in white.
canis, rn. f., -i noun, dog.
cano, cecini, cantum, 3, slug.
capio, cepT, captum, -i vb., take.
captivua, i, captive.
cared, caruT, 2, be 7vithout caret
cibo, is without food.
carmen, carminis, n. 3, song.
car6,carnis, f. -i^, flesh.
cams, I, dear.
Cato, m. 3, Cato.
causa, f. I, caiise ; t^luriae causa,
for the sake of glory.
caved, cavi, cautum, 2, be^vare ',
cave canem, beware of the dog.
cedo, cessT, cessum, 3, yield;
cedit patria, withdraws from
his coztntry ; cedit hostibus,
is itiferior to the enemy.
cclebro, I, celebrate.
celo, I, conceal; patrem horam
celat, conceals the time from
] lis father.
cena, f. i , dinner.
ceno, I. dine.
censeo, censi, censum, v. 2,
ccrtamen, cevtaminis, n. 3,
• struggle.
certe, certainly.
Cf3teri, pron., the rest.
cibus, m. 2yfood.
Cicero, Ciceronis, m. 3, Cicero.
cinis, cineris, m. 3, ashes.
circumdo, -dedl, -datum, sur-
cito, quickly ; comparison —
citius, citissime.
c'vilis, adj. 2, of citizens.
civis, m. f. -i noun, citizen.
civitas, -talis, f. 3, citizenship,
clamor, clamoris, m. 3, shout.
claudo, clausl, clausum, 3, shut.
Clemens, 2, vicrcifzd.
dementia, f. 1. mercy.
cognomen, -nominis, n. 3, title.
C0I6, colui, cultum, 3, cultivate,
comitor, i, accompany.
committo, }^,joi}i, entrust.
commoveo, 2, stir.
commimis, 2, common.
comprehendo, 3, seize.
concede, 3, yield, retire ; vTlam
victis conccdit, grants the
conquered their lives.
concipio, -ccpT, -ceptum, -i
Concordia, f. i, harmony.
condicio, -ionis, f. 3, terms.
conditio = condicio.
condo, -didi, -ditum, 3, build.
conficio, -feci, -fectum, -i vb.,
complete, destroy.
conflo, I, kindle.
coufirmo, i, strengthen, assert.
confodio, -lodT, -lossum, -i vb.,
coniungo, },,joiit.
coniiinx, coniugis, m. f. 3,
husband^ 7vife.
Conor, I, attempt,
conscribo, 3, enrol.
consentio, -scnsi, -sensum, 4,
F. 2
consequor, -seciitiis, 3, attain.
consero, -seruT, -sertum, "^yjoi)!.
considero, i, consider,
consilium, n. 2^ plan,
consocio, I, tinite.
consolor, i, comfort.
conspectus, 4, sight.
conspicio, -spexl, -spectum, -i
vb., see.
consto, no perf. or sup., i, he
consistent ; with abl., consist
of impers., constat eum
fugisse, it is consistently re-
ported that hejled.
consul, consulis, m. 3, consul.
consularis, 2, of consiilar rank.
consulatus, m. 4, offcc ofconstil.
consulo, -suluT, -sultum, 3, dis-
cuss, consult ; scnatum coii-
sule, ask advice of the senate ;
patriae cunsule, seek the good
of your country,
consultum, n. 2, resolution.
consCimo, 3, waste.
contemno, -tempsi, -temptum,
3, despise.
contra, adv. and prep., opposite.
contrarius, r, contrary.
contumax, 2 , rebellious.
conturbo, i, confuse.
cor, cordis, n. 3, heart.
coram, adv., openly ; prep, with
abl., in the presence of.
Coriolanus, 2, title of Marcius,
Corioli, m. pi. 2, Corioliia. Vol-
scian town).
corona, f. 1, garland.
corpus, corporis, n. 3, body.
corripio, -ripul, -replum, -i vb.,
snatch up.
corrumpo, 3, corrupt.
cottidie, daily.
eras, to-morrow.
creditor, m. 3, creditor.
credo, -didi, -ditum, 3, believe;
mihi crede, believe me,
cresco, crevi, }^,gro%v.
crudelis, 3, cruel.
cruentua, i, IdoodUained
cum, conj., when, as, after.
cum, prep, with abl., zvith.
cupio, cuplvl or cupil, cupTtum,
-i vb., desire.
cur, IV hy ?
cura, f. I, care ; apes mihi curae
sunt, / take interest in bees.
curia, f. i , senate-house.
cviro, I, look after, concern one-
curro, cucurrl, cursum, 3, run,
custodio, ^, guard.
damno, I , condemn ; capitis dam-
natus est, he zuas condemned to
death .
de, prep, with abl., from, con-
dea, f. , goddess.
debeo, debul, debitum, 3, 02ve.
decedo, 3, zvithdraw.
decerno, -crevi, -cretum, 3, de-
termine, decide.
decet, decuit, v. pers. (but in 3
pers. sing, and plur. only) and
V. impers., becomes ; parvum
parva decent, a humble theme
suits a humble poet ; pueros
audire decet, it is becoming for
boys to listen,
decimus, 1, tenth.
dedecus, n. 3, dishonour.
dedo, -didl, -ditum, 2„give up,
defend©, -fendl, -fensum, 3, de-
defensor, m. 3, defender,
bring as a tribute.
deficio, -feci, -fectum, -i vb.,
fail', verba me deficiunt, tvords
fail 7ne,
dehinc, henceforth.
deicio, -iecl, -iectum, -i vb.,
throw down.
delator, m. 3, informer.
delego, -legl, -Icctum, 3, choose.
deleo, -levl, -letuni, 2, destroy,
delibero, i, hold discussioti.
deuiqua, lastljf
depello, -pulf, -pulsum, 3, tJirust
descendo, -scendT, -scensum, 3,
climb do'ion, descend.
desidero, i, viiss ; valde tc dcsl-
derO, I feel your absence viiich.
desino, -siT, -situm, 3, cease.
desum.rtw lackin^i^; dcsunt inili-
tibus arma,///d? soldiers arc not
supplied with arms.
deterred, 2,frigJiten away.
detrimeutum, n. 2, harm.
deus, m. 2, s^od.
died, dTxI, dictum, 3, say.
dictator, -toris, m. 3, dictator.
dies, m. ^,day ; diem dlcere,yfjr
a day for trial.
dignitas, -tatis, f. 3, dignity.
dignor, i, deign.
dignus, 1, -worthy ; dignus ho-
noie, Tvorthy of the honour.
dilectus, I, beloved.
dilectus, m. 4, levy.
dimico, i, struggle.
disco, didicT, 3, learn.
discrimen, -minis, n. 3, danger.
dispute, I , discuss.
distribuo, -tribuT, -tributum, 3,
allot ^ distribute.
divinus, i , divine.
di vus, I , godlike.
do, dedl, datum, ^?V^.
doceo, docuT, doctum, 2, teach.
doctrina, f. i, learning.
dolor, doloris, m. 3, pain.
domus, f. 4, house.
doniim, n. 2, gift.
dormio, 4, sleep.
dum, ivhilst, until.
duo, num. adj., tivo.
duodecim, twelve.
diirus, i, hard, merciless.
dux, ducis, m. 3, leader.
e, ex, prep, with 7iA.,froin, out
ecce, particle of exclamation,
see !
edo, edi, esum, eat.
edo, -didi, -ditum, ^^^^ put forth,
eflfero, extulT, elatum, carry out,
carry to burial.
effugio, -fugi, -i vb., escape.
egeo, eguT, 2, lack; cget i)ecriniac
or pecfinia, lacks money.
ego, /.
eho, halloa !
eicio, -i vb., turn out.
61igo, -IcgT, -lectum, 3, choose.
eloqueutia, f. i , eloquence.
emeudatus, i, reformed.
emo, eml, emptum, 3, buy.
en, see /
enumero, i, count,
eo, go.
eo, adv., to that place.
equidem, (/) indeed.
erga, prep, with ace, totvards.
ergo, therefore.
eripio, -ripuT, -reptuni, -i vb.,
snatch away.
erro, i, wander, err.
error, erruris, m. 3, mistake.
erubesco, -rubuT, — , 3, blush.
et, and; et . . . et, both . . .
etiam, also, even.
etsi, although.
euge, hun-ah I
evad6,-vasi, -vasum, 3, escape.
exanimus, i , lifeless.
excedo, 3, depart, come to an end.
excello, -celhiT, — , 3, excel.
excido, -cidi, — , },, fall out.
excipio, -cepi, -ceptum, -i vb.,
zvelcome, make exception of.
excito, 1, arouse.
excutio, -cussi,-cus5um, -i vb.,
shake off.
exemplum, n. 2, model, prece-
exeo, exil, exitum, ^(C otd.
exerceo, 2, traiyi, exercise.
exercitus, m. 4, army.
exigo, -egl, -actum, 3, drive out ;
exegl O'pws, I have completed the
exiliura, n. 2, exile.
eximo, -emi, -emptuni, 3, take
exitium, n. 2, desi ruction.
exopto, I, long for. ,
exoro, 1, obtain by pruycrs.
experior, -pertus, 4, try.
expers, 2, without share iii.
expurgo, I, cleanse by fire.
exspectd, 1, await.
exterus, i, on the outside ; com-
])arison — exterior, extrcmus.
extra, adv. or prep., outside.
extremus. See exterus.
exulo, I, live in e.xile.
exuro, 3, burn up.
facetus, I , witty.
facies, f. ^,face.
facio, feci, factum, -i vb., do,
factum, n. 2, deed.
fallo, fefelll, deceive ; hora nus
fefellit, we did not notice the
fama, f. i, report, glory.
fames, f. 3 and ^fhu}iger.
famula, f. 1 , maid.
fas, n.indecl.noun, thing permis-
fateor, fassus, 2, declare, confess.
faustus, 1, lucky.
faveo, favi, fautum, 2, favour;
patriae favet, seeks his country's
felicitas, -tatis, f. 3, happiness.
felix, -icis, 2, happy,
femina, f. 1, zvoman.
femur, femoris, n. 3, thigh.
feriae, f. pi. i, holiday.
ferio, no pf. or sup., 4, strike.
fero, bear, report.
ferox, ferocis, 2, bold.
ferus, I, wild.
fessus, I, tired.
festus, , festal.
fldelis, 2, faithful.
fides, f. I), faith.
filia, f. I, daughter.
filius, m. 2, son.
fingo, finxi, fictum, 3,/t'4'«.
finis, m., -i noun, //;////, end
pi. fines, territory.
fio, be j)iade, become.
firmo, I, strengthen., establish.
firmus, I, st7-cng.
flamma, f. , flame.
fleo, jlevi, fletum, 2, wecp
trans., weep for.
floccus, 2, lock of ivool; flocci
facio, consider xuorth a st>'aza.
focus, 2, hearth.
foris, f., -i noun, door.
foris, out of doors.
forma, f. 1, shape, beauty.
fortasse, perhaps.
forte, by cha)ice.
fortis, 2, strong, brave.
fortiter, bravely,
fortitiido, -dinis, f. 3, courage.
fortuna, f. i, chance.
frater, fralris, m. 3, brother.
frviruentum., n. 2, cor)i.
friistra, in vain.
fugio, fugl, fut. part, fugiturus,
-i h., flee from, flee.
fugitivus, m. 2, runaway.
furaius, m. 2, smoke.
fundo, fudi, fusum, 3, pour out,
fiinus, funeris, n. 3, death.
gaudeo, gavlsus sum, 2, re-
gaudium, n. 2, joy.
gens, gentis, f., -i noun, people.
genu, n. 4, kjiee.
genus, generis, n. 3, race.
Germanus, m. 2, a German.
gero, gessi, gestum, 3, carr}',
wear; bellum gerit, carries
on war.
gigno, genuT, genitum, I, give
life to.
gladius, m. 2, sword.
gloria, f. , glory.
Graecus, m. 2, (Z Greek.
gratia, f. i ^favour; pi., thanks;
gratias tibi ago, / tliank you ;
gratiis, y^r nothing.
gratulor, vh. mid. i, congratu-
gratus, , pleasing, thankful.
gravis, 2, heavy.
graviter, heavily, seriously.
habeo, 2, have, hold hocbabct,
that's a hit !
hem, oh I
hercule, l>y heaven !
hie, haec, this.
hie, he7'e.
Hispania, f. i, Spain.
Hispanus, m. 2, a Spaniard.
hodie, to-day.
homo, hominis, m. f. 3, man.
honestus, i, honourable.
honor, honoris, m. 3, honour,
public office.
hora, f. I, hour.
hostis, m. f., -i noun, enemy.
hiic, hither.
hiimanitas, f. 3, kindness.
hiimanus, i, human, gentle.
iaeto, I, throw about ; seiactare,
iactiira, f. i, loss.
iara., soon, already; non iam,
no longer.
iamdiidum, this long zvhile.
ibi, thc)i, there.
idem, eadem, same.
idCis, f. pi. 4, Ides.
igitiir, therefore.
ignavus, i, cowardly.
ignis, m., -i noun,yf;v.
ignoseo, -novl, -notum, 3, for-
give; mihi ignosce, forgive
ille, ilia, he, that.
imbuo, 3, dip.
imitor, i, imitate.
imminuo, 3, injure.
immo, nay /
immortalis, 2, immortal,
immotu.s, 1, unmoved.
impendo, -i)cndr, -pcnsunn, 3,
stake 2<pon.
iraperator, -toris, ru. 3, com-
imperium, n. 2, command.
impero, l, conunand ; im])erat
Gallis obsidcs, bids the Gauls
furnish hostages.
impetus, m. 4, onset.
impius, I, d-:jfiant.
imprimis, especially.
impriideus, -dentis, 2, not
knowing, imprudent.
in, with ace, to; with abl., in.
incendo, -ccndi, -censum, 3,
set 0)1 fire.
ineito, i, incite.
incolumis, 2, safe.
indico, i /point to.
indignus, i , u7iworthy ; morte
indignus, little deservingdcath.
indxico, 3, lead on.
inertia, f. i, helplessness.
infaustus, i, unlucky.
infero, intull, inlatiun, carry
infestus, i, attacking, danger-
infirmus, I, weak.
ingenium, n. 2, talent.
inhaereo, 2, adhere to (with
inimieus, m. 2, enemy.
inimieus, i, hostile.
innocens, -centis, 2, innocent.
inopia, f. i, scarcity.
inopinans, 2, not expectitig.
inquam, say.
insania, f. 1, madness.
insanio, 4, be mad.
insanus, i, mad.
inscribo, 3, engrave.
insons, 2, innocent.
inspicio, -i vb., exatnine.
instabilis, 2, unsteady,
insula, f. J, island.
insum, am in or on; lunae
ineraiit cornua, the moon
shozaed horns.
integer, Integra, I, whole.
intellego, -lexl, -lectum, 3,
inter, ivithin, amonqst.
interea, meanwhile.
interflcio, -feci, -fectum, -i vb.,
interaum, am present at; proello
intererat, tooh part in the
Intro, I, enter.
intus, within.
invado, -vasT, -vasum, 3, attack.
invenio, -veni, -ventum, j^,Jind.
investigo, i, investigate.
invideo, envy ; cui invides ?
whom do you envy?
invidus, i, envious, Jealous.
invisus, i, disliked.
ipse, ipsa, self.
ira, f. I, anger.
irascor, Tratus, 3, grow angry ;
mihi Irasceris, you are getting
angry with me.
iratus, i, anj^ry.
irrumpo, 3, burst in.
is, ea, he, that.
iste, ista, that.
ita, so.
Italia, f. I, Italy.
iterum, a second time.
iubeo, iussi, iussum, 2, order.
iudieium, n. 2, judgment, court.
iudico, I, Judge.
luppiter, lovis, m. 3, Jove.
iuro, ifiratus, 1, swear,
ius, ifiris, n. "J^, Justice, right;
ius ago, dispute ; iure, rightly.
iustus, 1 ,Just.
iuvenilis, 2, youthful.
iuvonis, m. f., -i noun, youth,
labor, laboris, m. 3, work.
lacriraa, f. i, tear.
laerimo, 1, weej).
laedo, laesT, lacsum, 3, injure.
laetus, I , glad.
lana, f. i, 7vool.
laudo, I, praise.
legatus, m. 2, chief officer,
legio, Icgionis, f. 3, legion.
lego, legl, lectum, v. 3, pick out,
lepidus, I, sociable.
lex, legis, f. 3, law.
libenter, gladly.
liber, librl, m. 2, book.
liber, libera, ,free pi. liberi,
m. 2, children.
Uhere, freely.
libertas, -tatis, f. 3, liberty.
licet, licuit or licilum est, it is
lictor, m. 3, officer.
littera, f. i, letter; pi., letter,
locus, m. 2, place.
longus, I, distant.
loquor, locutus, 3, talk ; mecum
locutus est, he spoke to me.
lucet, luxit, V. impers. 2, it
liidus, ni. 2, game, school.
luxuriosus, i, extravagant.
magis, rather.
magistratus, m. 4, magistrate.
magnopere, greatly.
magnus, , great; comparison — •
maior, maximus.
maiestas, -tatis, f. 3, dignity ;
lex maiestatis, law of treason.
maior, greater ; pi. niaiores,
male, ill; male est mihi, things
go ill with me.
maledictum, n. 2, curse.
jnalevolus, i, ill-7vishing.
malus, I, bad; comparison —
peior, pessimus.
mandatum, n. 2, message.
maneo, mansT, mansum, 2, re'
main : trans, await.
mansuetus, ,1 lame.
manus, f. 4, hand.
maritus, 2, husband.
Mars, Martis, m., -i Doun, Mars.
Martius, i , of Mars, or of March.
mater, matris, f. 3, viotlier,
materia, f. i, substance.
matrona, f. i. lady.
meditor, i, think over.
ruaxime, most greatly., especially.
maximus, greatest; quam ma-
ximus, the greatest possible.
See magnus.
melior, 3, better.
memini, retnember; memini
illlus noctis, / retnember that
mens, mentis, f., -i noun, mind.
mereor, 2, deserve.
meritum, n. 2, desert.
metuo, iTietuT, i^fear.
metus, m. j^^fcar.
meus, my. Voc. m. s. ml.
miles, mllitis, m. 3, soldier.
minae, f. pi. i , threats.
minime, very little, not at all.
minister, ministri, m. 2, servant.
minor, 3, s /nailer. See parvus.
minor, i, threaten; mihimortem
minatur, he threatens vie with
death .
miror, i, wonder, admire.
mirus, i, wonderful .
miser, misera, I, wretched;
comparison — miserior, miser-
miseret, miseruit or miseritum
Qsi, pity.
misericordia, f. ,pity.
mitis, 2, gentle, soft.
mitto, misl, missum, 3, setid, let
moderor, v. mid. i, control
(with dat.).
m.odo, adv., only.
modus, m. 2, measure.
moenia, n. pi., -i noun, ram-
molestus, i, troublesome.
momentum, n. 2, importance.
mons, montis,m.,-i woww. moun-
monumentum, n. 2, memorial.
morior, mortuus, fut. part, mori-
tOrus, 3, die.
moror, l, delay.
mors, mortis, f., -i noun, death.
raortalis, 2, mortal.
mortuus, i, dead.
mos, moris, m. 3, custom ; pL,
mores, character.
moved, movl, motum, 2, move
raox, soon.
muliebris, adj. 2, of a woman.
mulier, mulieris, f. 3, woman.
multum, much.
multus, ,7nuch; comparison —
plfis (neut. s.), plures (pi.),
mundus, m. 2, universe.
miinio, .^.fortify, buildup, road).
murmur, murmuris, n. 3, roar.
murus, m. 2, wall.
musso, , mutter.
nam, for.
narro, i, tell.
nascor, natus, 3, am born ;
nate dea, goddess-born !
natalis, m, -i noun, birthday.
natiira, f. i, fiature.
-ne, interrogative particle,
ne, conj,, /est ; ne . . . quidem,
7iot even.
nee 6, I, kill.
nefas, indecl. noun, wickedness
nefas est, it is forbidden.
neglegens, 3, careless.
neglego, -lexl, -lectum,3,«<^/tv/.
nego, I , deny.
nemo, neminis, m. 3, no one.
neque, neither; neque . . .
neque, neither . . . nor.
nequidquam, in vain.
nescio, nescivi or nescil, 4, tioi
nihil, n. 2, nothing.
nisi, unless.
nitor, nlsus or nixus, 3, rely on,
strive ; hasta w.'h, leaning on
his spear.
nolo, a7n umvilling.
nomen, nominis, n. 3, name.
nomino, i, 7iame.
non, tiot.
Nonae, f. pi. i , Agones.
nondum, not yet.
nonne ? not ?
nosco, no perf. or sup,, 3, learn ;
perfect novi, knozu.
noster, nostra, I, our.
notus, 1, knoivn, acquainted.
novi. See nosco.
novus, I, new.
nox, noctis, f., -i noun, night.
nubo, nilpsT, nuptum, 3 (with
dat.) ; wed.
nuUus, pronominal adj., no.
num, interrogative particle,
niimen, numinis, n. 3, divine
numquis, numquae or numqua,
as in ; numquis me sequi vult ?
surely no one -wishes to follozv
nunc, now.
nunquam, never.
nxintius, ni. 2, messenger.
nuper, lately.
nurus, f . 4j daughter-in-law.
6, oh !
oil, prep, with ace, on account of.
obeo, meet ; mortem obiit, he
oblivio, f. 2),forgei/uhiess.
obliviscor, oblltus, 3, forget ;
miseriae ohlltus, forgetting his
, piisery.
oboediens, 3, obedient.
oboedientia, f. i, obedience.
obsecro, i , entreat.
obsideo, -sedi,-sessum, 2, block-
obsto, no perf. or sup., , oppose,
obtempero, i, obey ; nemini ob-
temperavit, obeyed no one.
obtineo, -tinuT, — , 2, keep.
occido, occidi, occlsum, 3, slay,
oculus, m. 2, eye.
odi, hate fut. part, osi.rus.
odium, n, 2, ill feeling.
offendo, -fendl, -fensum,, 3,
offensio, f. i, giving offence.
oflBlcium, n. 2, duty.
ohe, so !
omen, ominis, n. 3, omen.
omnino, altogether.
omnis, 2, all.
onus, oneris. n. 3, burden.
opera, f. i , help, employment.
oppidanus, m. 2, townsman.
oppidura, n. 2, stronghold.
optime, best.
optimus, I , best.
opto, I, xuish.
opus, opcris, n. 3, 7O0rk ; opus
est, is necessary.
oratio, -ionis, f, 3, speech.
orbis, m., -i noun, circle ; orbis
ten arum, tlie world.
ordo, 6rdinis,m.3,£»;7/fr; ordine
or e.x ordine, in order.
orno, I, adorn.
oro, ,pray.
OS, ossis, n, 3, bone.
oitendo, -tend!, -tentum(?/' -ten-
sum, 3, display.
otium, n. 2, leisure.
paene, almost.
paenitet, paenituit, regret.
pallidus, ,pale.
par, par is, 2, equal.
paratus, i, ready.
pared, pepercT, (temperatum), 3,
spare ; urbl pepercit, spared the city.
parens, parentis, m. f, 3, parent.
pared, paruT,(obtemperatum), 2,
pario, pepcri, partiui), -i vb.,
ivin, give birtJi to.
paro, I, collect, preparCyWin.
pars, partis, f.,-i noim,/ar/; pi.
partes, a party ; partes agcrc,
to act a part.
Parthus, m. 2, a Parthian.
parvulus, 1 , little.
parvus, I, small; comparison —
minor, minimus.
pateo, i)atuT, 2, lie open.
pater, patri?, m. 7,, father.
patior,passus, -ivb., suffer ; non
paticir te abac, / ivill not let
you go.
patria, f. i, country.
patrius, i , of the country.
patruus, m. 2, uncle.
pauci, i,fezu.
paulum, n. 2, nom. ace. s. only,
a little.
pauper, pauperis, S,poor; super-
lative — iDauperrimus.
pax, pacis, f. 2, peace. No gen.
pecco, I , c/o wrong.
pectus, pectoris, n. 3, breast.
pecunia, f. 1, vioney.
peior, 3, worse.
pello, pepull, pulsum, 3,
pendeo, pependl^ 2, hang (in-
per, prep, with ace, through.
percutio, -cussT, -cussum, -i vb.,
perditus, i, dissolute.
perdo, -didi, -ditum, 3, destroy.
perdue 6, 3, d7-azu on.
per eo, perish.
perfero, pertull, perlatum, carry
through, endure.
perficio, -feci, -fectum, -i vb.,
periculum, n. 2, danger.
peritus, i, experienced in (with
perlongus, i, very long,
permitto, i, permit.
perl ego, -legi, -lectum, 3, real
pertineo, -tinui, 2, pertain ; non
pertinet ad rem, lias nothing
to do zuith it.
pervenio, -veni, vcntum, 4,
pes, pedis, m. l^foot.
pessimus, i , worst. See mains.
peto, petivl or petil, petltum, 3,
ask, attack ; petit a me queni
videi im, he asks me zvho it zvas
I saiv.
philosopher, , philosophise.
philoKophus, 2, philosopher.
pietas, -tatis, f. 3, loyalty, ^ff'-
tion pietas erga patrem, ajfcc-
tion tozvards his father.
placed, 2, zvin approval', im-
pers., placuit senatui legal os
mitll, the senate resolved that
spokesmen should be sent.
plaudo, plauil, plausum, 3,
plausus, 4, applause.
plebes or plebs, f. 3 and 5,
common people.
plerique, /Jiost.
pluit, pluit, it rains.
plurimus, j, in very i^reat num-
plus, n. 3, nom. and ace, more.
poena, f. , punishment.
polliceor, 2, promise.
pontifex, -fici?, m. 3, high
populus, m. 2, people.
porta, f. I, gate.
porto, r, carry.
posco, poposci, 3, ask', patrem
claves poscit, asks his father
for the keys.
possum, potuT, be able.
post, adv., aftcrzvards, behind)
pre])., after, behind.
postea, aftcrzvards.
posterus, behind, later; com-
parison — posterior, postremus ;
pi. poster!, descendants.
posthac, hereafter.
postquam, conj., after,
postulo, I , demand.
potens, 3, powe)ftiL
potius, rather.
praebeo, 2, provide; fortem se
)r:v&h!ii,showed hiifiself brave.
praeditus, i, endowed.
praefectus, m. 2, governor.
praemitto, 3, send in advance.
praeproperus, i , overhasty.
praesens, -sentis, 2, present,
praesidium, n. 2, garrison.
praestans, 2, eminent,
praesto, -stiti, -stitum, ^ fur-
nish ; se fortem praestitit,
showed himself brave ; fid em
praestitit, made good his pro-
mise ; (with dat.;, excel.
praesto, near.
praeter, prep., past, except.
praetor, -toris, m. "x,, praetor.
pravus, I, perverse.
preces, f. pi. 3, prayers,
precor, i , pray.
premo, press!, pressum, -y^, press.
pretium, n. 2, price, reward.
■pTimnm, ^rstly.
primus, J, first.
princeps, -cipis, m. 3, chief.
prior, comp. adj., i7i advance.
privo, 1, rob.
pro, prep, with abl., on behalf
probrosus, I, scandalous.
probus, I, honest.
procedo, 3, advance ; non bene
procedit, things are not going
prodeo, cotne forward.
proditor, m. '>y,iraitor.
profecto, asstiredly.
profero, -tulT, -latum, bring for-
ward, postpone.
proficio, -feci, -fectum, -i vb.,
make progress.
proficiscor, -fectus, 3, stat-t.
prohibeo, 2, keep away, prevent.
promitto, }y, promise; promlsit
se ■x^ioxQ., promised to be there.
prope, adv. and prep., near ;
comparison — propius, pro-
propouo, 3, set forth.
propositum, n. 2, resolution.
protego, },, protect.
protinus, at once.
provincia, f. i , province.
provoco, V. , challenge.
proximus, , nearest.
prucens, -dentis, 2, far-seeing.
prudentia, f. 1 , forethought.
pudet, puduit or puditum est,
feci ashamed.
pudor, pudoris, m. 3, sense of
puer, puerl, m. 2, boy.
pugio, m. 3, dagger.
pugna, f. I , battle.
pugno, , fight.
pulcher, ]^ulchra, i, beautiful.
puto, I, think.
TythaigOTenSjm. 2 , Pythagorean,
i. e, vegetarian.
quaero, quaesIvT, quaesltum, 3,
ash ; quaesivit ex me quis
essem, ashed me tvho I 7uas.
quaeso, v. def., beg.
qualis, 2, such as, as.
qualis ? of %vhat sort ?
quam, thaji, how.
quamquam, although.
quantus, i , as great as, as.
quantus ? how great ?
quare, wherefore I
quartus, 1 , fotirth.
quatenus, as far as.
-que, and ; -que . . . -que, both
. . . and.
quemadmodum, how.
queo, be able.
querceus, adj. i , of oakleaf.
qui, quae, quod, zvho.
quia, because.
quicunque, quae-, quod-, ivlio-
eve7-, wliatei'cr.
quidam, quae-, quid-, a cerlaiii
one, a.
quidem, indeed.
quiesco, quicvl, quictum, 3, he-
come tinict^fall asleep.
quintus, ^ fifth.
-quis, -quae or -qua, -quid, any.
quis ? quae ? quid ? 'd>ho ?
quisqviam, quicquain or quid-
quam, any.
quisque,quacque,quidque, each.
quisquis, quidquid, ivJioever.
quivis,quaevTs, quodvIs£»r quid-
vis, -ivhoever yoii please.
quo, to ivhicli place.
quod, 171 that, because,
quondam, once.
quoque, also.
quorsus ? to what purpose ?
quot ? how many ?
quotiens ? hozu many times ?
rapid, rapuT, raptum, -i vb.,
snatch, seize.
ratio, -ionis, f. 3, reason, plan;
philosophical system.
reciiso, 1, refuse, object.
reddo, -didi, -ditum, 3, restore.
rede 6, come back.
redono, 1, re-endow.
refero, rettulT, relatum, carry
back ; in the senate, introduce
a discussion ; gratiam referre,
show gratitude by act.
reficio, -feci, -fectum, -i vb., re-
pair, refit.
refugium, n. 2, refuge.
regnum, n. 2, sovereignty.
rego, rcxT, rectum, 3, rule.
reicio, reiecl, reiectum, -i vb ,
relinquo, -llquT, -lictuni, 3,
leave behind.
reraissio, f. 3, remission.
repello, reppull, repulsum, 3,
drive back.
repcto, 3, seek agaiyt, ask again.
repreheiido, -liendl, -hcnsuin,
3, blame.
reprimo, -pressi, -pressum, v.
3, press back.
requies, f. 3 and 5, rest.
res, f. s^, property, event, thing.
resisto, restitl, 3, resist; dolorl
resiste, do not gi'oe in to pain.
respici6,-spexl, -spectum, -i ).,
responded, -spondT, -spdnsum,
2, ans7uer; responde mihi,
anstuer me I
responsum, n. 2, answer.
res piiblica, f. I , cammonwcallh;
e re publica, for the good of
the stale.
restituo, -stitui, -slitnium, 3,
retineo, retinuT, retentum, 2,
hold back.
revertor, revert!, reversum, 3,
rex, regis, m. 3, ki)ig.
ridiculus, l , absurd.
rogo, I, ask.
Koma, f. I , Rome.
Romanus, i, Roman.
Romanus, m. 2, a Roman.
Romulus, m. 2, Romulus.
rumor, m. 3, talk.
ruo, ruT, fut. part, ruiturus, 3,
rush forth.
riipes, f. -inoun, rock.
rursus, again.
sacer, sacra, i, sacred; n. pi.
sacra, sacred emblems.
sacerdos, -dotis, m. f. 3, priest^
sacrificium, n. 2, sacrifice.
sacrdsanctus, i, sacred.
saepe, often.
saevus, i, cruel.
saltem, at least.
salus, salutis, f. 3, safely,
saluto, I, greet.
salve, welcome !
salvus, I, safe.
sanguis, sanguinis, m. 3, hlood.
sapiens, sapienlis, m. f. 3, ivise
person, sage.
sapientia, f. 1, tvisdom.
satis, n. 3, nom. ncc. s. only,
enougli ; also as adv.
satisfacio, -i vb., satisfy (with
saucius, I, tvottnded.
scelus, sceleris, n. 3, crime.
scio, no pf. or sup., 4, hno7V.
Sclpio, -ionis, m. 3, Scipio.
scribo, scrTpsT, scriptiim, 3,
£§ 0}- sese, self ox selves.
secundus, i, favoiD-able ; ns
numeral, second.
sed, hut.
sedeo, sedi, sessum, 2, sit.
semel, once.
semper, akvays.
senator, 3, senator.
senatus, m. 4, senate.
sententia, f. 1 , decision.
sentio, sensT, sensum, 4. feel,
sepelio, -pcllvl, -pultum, 4,
septingentesimus, 2, sarn-
sequor, pecutus, o^follo^v.
sermo, -onis, m. 3, conversation,
sewio,^, scj-ve ; voluptati servit,
is the slave of pleasure.
servitium, n. 2, slavery.
servitiis, -tutis, f. 3, so-vice.
servo, I, save.
sex, six.
si, if; si forte, on the chance
sic, so.
sicut, as.
signum, n. 2, sign, signal.
silentium, n. 2, silence.
sileo, silui, 2, he silejtt.
similis, 2, like ; comparison —
similior, simillimus; similis
fratris or{x~..x, like his brother.
simul, at the same ti/ne.
simulo, , pretend.
sine, prep, with abl., ivithout.
singuli, group numeral I, one
by one.
sino, no pf. or sup., 3, allo7i>,
Einus, m. 4, lap, fold.
socia, f. I, companion.
Eolus, alone.
solvo, solvT, solntum, 3, loosen,
somnio, T , dream.
spectatus, r, esteemed.
sperno, sprevi, spretum, 3,
spero, I, hope.
spes, f. 5, hope.
static, f. 3, soldier s post.
statua, f. I, statue.
statuo, statu!, statutum, 3, set
7ip, determine.
sto, stetl, I, stand.
Stoici, m. pi. 2, Stoics.
studeo, studuT, — , 2, study
(with dat.
stultitia, f. I, folly.
stultus, x, foolish.
suadeo, suasT, suasum, 2, per-
suade ; pacem niihi suadebat,
he urged peace on me.
sub, prep, with ace., to ; prep.
with abl., binder.
subito, suddenly.
submitto, 3, bend.
subride6,-rTdI, -rlsum, 2, smile.
subvenio, -veni, -ventum, 4,
help; amlds subvenit, lielps
his friends.
succurro, -currl, -cursum, 3,
run to help ; succurre patriae,
come to your country s help.
sufFragium, n. 2, vote.
sura, am.
summa, f. i, total; summa im-
perl, supreme command.
sumraus, 1, topmost^ last. See
siimo, sfimpsl, sumptum, 3,
take up.
supersum, remain over, sur-
supplex, -plicis, 3, suppliant.
supra, adv. and prep., above.
surgo, surrexT, surrectum, 3,
suscipio, -ccpT, -ceptum, -i vb.,
take up.
sustineo, -tiniil, — , 2, support.
suus, I, his oxvn, their own.
Syracusae, f. pi. i, Syracuse.
tabula, r, plate.
taceo, 2, at) I silent.
tacitus, , silent, sullen.
talis, 2, such.
taradiu, so long.
tamen, o>i the other hand.
tandem, at length.
tantum, ojily.
taiitus, I, so great.
Tarpeius : rUipes Tarpeia, t'le
Tarpcian- rock.
Tarquiiiius, in. 2, 7'arquin.
temere, thoughtlessly.
tempestas, -talis, f. 3, season,
templuin, n. 2, temple.
tempus, temporis, n. 3, time.
ter, iliree times.
tergum, n. 2. hack.
terra, f. i, earth.
terreo, 2^ frighten.
testis, m. f., -i noun, ivitncss.
tester, I, call to tvitness.
theatrum, n. 2, theatre.
Tiberis, m., -i noun, Tiber.
timeo, timuT, — , 2, fear.
toloro, I, endure.
tollo, sustull, sublatum, 3, lift.
tot, so many.
toties, so often.
transno, 1 , sivim across.
tres, 2, three.
tribunus, m. 2, tribune.
trux, 3, fierce.
tueor, tuitus, 2, ivatch, protect.
turn, then.
tumultus, m. 4, disturbance.
turbo, 1 , throiu into confusion.
liitus, 1, safe,
tuus, your, yours.
tyrannis, (ace. -ida), Greek
noun, tyranny.
ubi, Tjhcn, roherc.
ulciscor, ultus, i,avenge, punish.
ullus, any.
ulterior, beyond; superlative —
ultro, of one s own accord.
unquam, ever.
una, together.
undique, on all sides.
Cm us, one.
urbs, urbis, f. 3, city,
usquam, anywhej-c.
usque, the whole way.
ut, conj. ; without change of
mood, as, when ; with tlae
subjunctive mood, in order
that, so that, that.
ut, particle of exclamation,
how I
utinam, particle of exclamation,
used in wishes,
iitor, usus, 3, use ; te amlco
usus sum, I have found you a
utrum, particle of interrogation ;
as in : utrum me an tc petit,
does he xvant you or me ?
uxor, uxoris, f. 3, zuifc.
vaco, I, have leisure; amicTs
vaco, / find time for my
valde, much.
valeo, valuT, 2, be well; vale,
valetudo, -dinis, f. 3, health.
vates, m. f., -i noun, prophet,
vel, or; vel . . . vel, cither . . .
vendo, -didi, -ditum, 3, sell.
veuia, f. i , paj-don.
venio, veni, ventum, 4, come.
venter, ventris, m. 3, belly.
verber, verberis, n. 3, hlo-iV.
verbum, n. 2, word.
vereor, 2, fear.
vero, hut.
verto, verlT, versum, 3, iiirti
(trans, and intrans.).
verum, but.
verus, I, trtie.
vester, vestra, i , yotir, yours.
vestis, f., -i noun, garment.
vetus, veteris, 3, old; super-
lative — veterrimus.
via, f. I, road.
vicesimus, i, tzventieth.
vicinus, i, neighbotiring.
victor, -loris, m. 3, conqueror.
victoria, f. i, victory.
victrix, victrlcis, f. 3, victorious.
vidso, vidi, visum, 2, see
middle, videor, seem.
vigilo, I, ivatch.
viginti, indeclinable, twenty.
vincio, vTnxI, vinclum, 4, bind.
vinco, vici, victum, 3, cotiquer.
vmum, n. 2, wine.
vir, virT, m. 2, man, husband.
vires, f. pi., -i noun, strength ;
sing, vis, violence.
virilis, 2, of a man.
viriliter, in a manly way.
virtus, virtutis, f. 3, courage,
vis. See vires.
vita, f. I , life.
vitium, n. 2, vice, weakness.
vivo, vIxT, victum, 3, live.
vix, scarcely.
voco, I, call.
vol 6, wish.
Volscens, adj. 3, of the Vol-
Volscus, m. I, a Volscian.
voluntas, -tatis, f. 3, inclina-
vos, you.
votum, n. 3, vow.
vox, vocis, f. 3, voice.
vulgus, n. 2 and 3, common
vulnus, vulneris, n. 3, bloiu,
vultus, m. 4, countenance.