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Welcome to the project to transcribe the massive, 12 volume Garden of Malabar!

Things to do[recensere]

  • transcribing/proofreading Latin text
  • some text in Malayalam and other Indic scripts (possibly en:Vatteluttu alphabet) p. 8, 10, 12
  • Images in the book: extract as separate files?
  • transcribing image descriptions in Malayalam, Arabic, and Konkani (lingua bramanica) - p. 16-20, 28-31, 34, 37, 39, etc.
  • ...

Notes about proofreading Latin[recensere]

  • Please read en:Help:Formatting conventions for information about the header/footer. In the Hortus, the first word or syllable or a page is always printed also at the end of the preceding page, right-aligned. Please put it into the footer, using {{right}}
  • Use {{sc}} when the text features e.g. a name in uppercase letters (Henricus à Rheede)
  • We might need something like en:Template:Hyphenated word start or it:Template:Pt
  • ...



\\"lingua bramanica" (Hindi?)\\

Linga Bramanica is not Hindi, it is Konkani Language written in Devanagri script. There were strong Dutch presence across Konkan region during that period. And many people who helped van Reed for this book are Konkani speaking people. That is why Konkani shows its presence in this book. --Shijualex (disputatio) 00:44, 1 Aprilis 2013 (UTC)

Ah, ok. I've changed it above. Do you want to add yourself to the list of participants, btw? ;) --MF-W 00:55, 1 Aprilis 2013 (UTC)

\\Do you want to add yourself to the list of participants\\

Sure. But where is this list? I didn't saw such an entry anywhere. Atleast I can help with all Malayalam text and some project management activities. --Shijualex (disputatio) 01:09, 1 Aprilis 2013 (UTC)

Under the to do list. I've added headlines for visibility now. --MF-W 01:27, 1 Aprilis 2013 (UTC)

Added. :)--Shijualex (disputatio) 01:44, 1 Aprilis 2013 (UTC)