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The source is unclear which MS is produced here, although there is another version (also unnamed) which precedes it.

For an overview of the various MS, see the Introduction to the Laws of Hywel Dda at the English Wikisource. LlywelynII (disputatio) 07:52, 30 Ianuarii 2013 (UTC)


There are glossaries of English, Latin, and Welsh terms at end of the source. LlywelynII (disputatio) 07:52, 30 Ianuarii 2013 (UTC)

Known issues[recensere]

There are numerous typos produced during the scan

  • from mistaken transcription (e.g., 'n' for 'II', 'dcbct' for 'debet'; 'earn' for 'eam')
  • from text at the ends of lines on pages where the original scan didn't push hard enough

I've removed most of the former, but the latter is rather more of a pain. Anyone who needs to check something or kind enough to finish proofing the page, just go to the source text linked in the notes. LlywelynII (disputatio) 09:40, 29 Ianuarii 2013 (UTC)


If there is a way to suppress the Arabic numerals on the TOC while leaving the rest, please use it. There don't seem to be any templates at Wikipedia that can manage that, but I might've missed one. LlywelynII (disputatio) 09:38, 29 Ianuarii 2013 (UTC)