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Disputatio:Summa logicae

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Summa logicae
Editio : ?
Fons : ?
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Conlationes: Marc, Accurimbono
Operis qualitas : Emendandus
Nota :
Bis lectus et emendatus:
scriptum emendare

The table claims certain sources for this collection. It appears to be incomplete. I came across this old discussion on Wikipedia Review, but it had some recent activity. In particular, see this description of identifiable sources for the collection here on wikisource. There is some evidence in a number of other posts.[1][2][3].

The scans were put up on [4] at wikipedia:MyWikiBiz.([5]) He's not claiming copyright, just credit for the work that he did. I assume that editors here would want to do that. --Abd 02:09, 14 Septembris 2010 (UTC)Reply