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Text was copied from http://www.archive.org/details/russiaonpacifics00volp page 343. English WP article at w:en:Treaty of Nerchinsk --Matthead 22:00, 24 Maii 2011 (UTC)

http://www.archive.org/stream/russiaonpacifics00volp/russiaonpacifics00volp_djvu.txt has the "Latin" name "TKEATY OP NERTCHINSK". I am unsure how exactly the Latin phrase should be spelled when not in all upper case while moving the text from Chinese Wikisource.--Jusjih 09:49, 25 Maii 2011 (UTC)
"TKEATY OP NERTCHINSK" is not Latin, it's the English headline "Treaty of Nerchinsk" in capitals, and with errors from the computerized text recognition. See the scanned book here. A Latin name could be "Pactum Nertschiae" or similar. --Matthead 15:49, 25 Maii 2011 (UTC)
I could find Latin phrases such as "in urbe Nipchou ditionis Moschica", "in Moschicae ditionis urbe Nipchou" or similar from some sources (e.g. [1]). Not sure exactly which is the Latin name for the treaty however. -- 16:47, 27 Maii 2011 (UTC)