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In wikisource we don't use interwiki link for the words in the original text, because the principal goal is to preserve the original text.
Hi, --Accurimbono 13:32, 11 Aprilis 2006 (UTC)

Buon giorno!
Is that a good decision? To use interwiki links doesn't spoil the original text - at least my browser only shows a different color for the words with links.
For many people it is very useful to use those links - just an example:
There are some texts in the German Wikisource where places or people are mentioned that nowadays only very few readers know - so they can follow the link and inform themselves. I think it even makes sense to link a whole sentence, if it's not easily understandable and can be clarified if the reader is lead to a wiki article which explains it.
So, what is negative about this opportunity? Why should it bother anybody? Everybody will know the links are extra- and wiki-information.
In this particular case it was not so useful, ok, but does it change the original text?
9th of May
Ciao! :)
I understand your reasons but I think that preserve the original text (with no link) it's a good decision because there is a big difference between Wikisource and other projects: In Wikipedia (and other related projects) differents anonymous authors create a new hypertext while in Wikisource we only collect original text by famous author.
I see that also in the deutsch text there is not interwiki links.
Anyway if anyone don't know the meaning of a word, he could search in Wikipedia also without interwiki links.
Sincerely, I appreciate your opinion but I don't share it.
I have a question for you: where do you find this latin text? In wikisource needs to know the original source for the quality level. If you prefere you can also insert by yourself the website or the book from which you take the text in the discussion page for increase the quality level of this text.
Ciao! --Accurimbono 15:56, 9 Maii 2006 (UTC)
che peccato ;)
I think a good opportunity to provide the reader with further information is lost – I can see your argument, to try to keep the text as pure as possible; but font, and color etc. are not original anyway and the only difference to the original text would be the color (I didn’t write that the German text corresponding to this one had interwiki links).
To your question:
I found the transcription in the following book:
Kaiser Friedrich II.
Der Wegbereiter der Renaissance
Franz Kampers
Verlag von Velhagen & Klasing, Bielefeld and Leipzig, 1929
12th of May

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