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Codex Calixtinus[recensere]

First of all... THANKS, for your work on wikisource!

Here could be insert only text yet published. Usually we take them from a book (a single book) or a site web. In any way we need to know the edition of the book and if the text is taken from a web site to know both the web-site and the edition of the book (used by the web-site).

This is because we don't make new critical edition of ancient text, so you should use only one source, and insert in the template this source.

Example: Disputatio:Aeneis

If you have a copy of the original text, and you are inserting the text manually, you can write in the template: "This text was manually transcribed from a copy of the original book"

Hi! --Accurimbono 06:49, 6 Iunii 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]