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Bonjour Quintus,
bienvenue dans la Vicifons Latina!!!

I insert some usual template (titulus2) and fix some little errors in the Carmina (Horatius).
For poems you can use the new tag poem:

<poem>text of poem</poem>

...it is very useful!

In the discussion page is a good thing insert the Formula:OperisInfo with the link to the original web source and original book edition, and other edition info.

Thank for you contribute to la.wikisource!

See you soon!

--Accurimbono 10:02, 4 iulii 2006 (UTC)

Thank you very much ! --Quintus 13:35, 4 iulii 2006 (UTC)


Tres chere Quinte,

qua lingua usurus sim? Spero meam Anglicam intelligibilem futuram esse.

Your work is going very well, and I'd like to suggest something to make it better: an example more than many words Just look at your title

|Scriptor= Quintus Horatius Flaccus
|OperaeTitulus= Carmina 
|OperaeWikiPagina= Carmina (Horatius)
|Annus= 23
|SubTitulus= I, I

'''Carmen I'''
I, I
editio: incognita
fons: incognitus

Carmen I

It'd be a treat to have single pages for each book (like Carmina (Horatius) - Liber primus) in such a way

|Scriptor= Quintus Horatius Flaccus
|OperaeTitulus= Carmina 
|OperaeWikiPagina= Carmina (Horatius)
|Annus= 23 a.Ch.n
|SubTitulus= [[Carmina (Horatius) - Liber Primus|Liber I]]<br />carmen I
Liber I
carmen I
23 a.Ch.n
editio: incognita
fons: incognitus

Changes: no need for a second title underneath the template (whose function is properly to title the opus), specification for Annus (meaningless for profane readers, and meaning p.Ch.n if not specified), and with a link to a sub-index for the first book, giving the idea of different parts not incompatible with the general index.

Since I work mainly on it.source, with very similar but not the same conventions, my suggestions are simply suggestions. Please ask Francesco for details. - εΔω 08:34, 5 iulii 2006 (UTC)

OK, I see and I fix the template.
Thanks! --Accurimbono 11:15, 5 iulii 2006 (UTC)

tabulae dinamicae[recensere]


I insert dynamical menu on Carmina (Horatius). It seems cool but if you don't link it, you can rollback or change anything, the background-colour for example :)

Hi! --Accurimbono 11:43, 6 iulii 2006 (UTC)

Wondeful! Thank you very much. --Quintus 09:30, 7 iulii 2006 (UTC)



For test should be better to use the Vicifons:Pagina experimentalis or a sub-page of your user page (Usor:Quintus/Horatius test for example) and not the principal namespace, because in the principal namespace should be only the original text.

I'm going to move the test.

Hi! and congratulation for your hard work on Carmina!

--Accurimbono 08:38, 21 iulii 2006 (UTC)