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Haec pagina emendata et bis lecta est
Page 101
(Horace, Car. iii. 1. 17-21)
When o’er a guilty head there hangs
A naked sword suspended high,
In vain the sumptuous banquet’s spread,
No dulcet strain will close the eye.

Page 105
(Horace, Car. iii. 5. 18-22)
In Punic shrines mine eye hath seen
Standards and arms by cravens lost;
Mine eye hath seen on freemen’s backs
With shameful bonds the forearms crossed.

Page 128
(Horace, Car. iii. 2. 17-24)
True worth, that knoweth not defeat,
Shines on with fadeless glory blest,
Nor takes nor lays aside its crown
At the capricious crowd’s behest.
True worth, for the Immortal few
To heaven points out a shining way,
And mounting on aspiring wing,
Spurns sordid mob and sodden clay.

Page 136
(Horace, Car. i. 9. 1-4)
See how Soracte rears his head
With snowy crown of dazzling white,
While forests scarce sustain their load;
Congealed the very streams in flight!