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Haec pagina emendata et bis lecta est

aliquantus, -a -um, adj., of some size; adv., to some extent.

aliquis, -quid, pronoun, some one, something.

aliquō, adv., to some place, to any place.

aliquot, indef. indecl. num. adj., some, several.

alius, -a, -ud, adj., other; adv., aliter. otherwise; alii … alii, some … others.

allicio, -ere, -lexi, -lectum, v. a., attract, entice.

alloquor, -i, allocūtus sum, v. dep a., speak to.

alo, -ere, -ui, -tum, v. a., nourish.

alter, -era, -erum, adj., the other (of two), second; alter … alter, the one … the other.

altus, -a, -um, adj., high.

ambo, -ae, -o, adj., both.

ambulo, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, v. n., walk.

amethystinus, -a, -um, adj., amethyst-coloured.

amīcus, -i, m., friend.

amita, -ae, f., aunt.

amo, -āre, -āvi, -ātum, v. a., love; te (or vos) amabō, please.

amoenitas, -itis, f., charm, beauty.

amoenus, -a, -um, adj., pleasant.

amor, -ōris, m., love.

amplus, -a, -um, adj., large, abundant; amplius, adv. comp., further.

an, conj. introducing question; with indirect qu., whether, or.

anas, -ntis, f., duck.

ancilla, -ae, f., maid-servant.

ancora, -ae, f., anchor.

angiportus, -i, m., lane.

angulus, -i, m., corner.

angustus, -a, -um, adj., narrow.

anima, -ae, f., life.

animadverto, -ere, -tī, -sum, v. a., attend to, notice.

animal, -is, n., animal.

animus, -i, m., mind.

annus, -i, m., year.

anser, -is, m., goose.

ante, prep. with acc., before; adv., ante, anteā, before, formerly.

antelūcānus, -a, -um, adj., before dawn.

antepōno, -ere, -posui, -positum, v. a., with dat., put before, prefer to.

antequam, conj., before.

anus, -ūs, f., old woman.

anxius, -a, -um, adj., anxious.

apage, imper., begone!

aperio, -īre, -ui, -tum, v. n., open; in pass., appear; partic., apertus, clear, manifest.

apologia, -ae, f., apology, excuse, defence.

appāreo, -ēre, -ui, -itum, v. n., appear.

apparitor, -ōris, m., public servant, policeman.

appello, see adp-.

Appius, -a, -um, adj., Appian; via A. a road leading S. from Rome.

appōno, -ere, -posui, -positum, v. a., place near, set (on table).

appropinquo, see adp-.

aprīcus, -a, -um, adj., warm.

Aprīlis, -is, m., April.

aptus, -a, -um, adj., fit, suitable.

apud, prep. with acc., among, according to, in the time of, in the presence of.