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Carolus et Maria, a Latin reader for beginners, has grown out of a need for very easy reading material at the first-year level. The vocabulary, selected from Lodge's Vocabulary of High School Latin, consists of 588 words chosen for their frequency in classical Latin. For convenience the words were divided into six groups as follows:

Group I—words used 1,000 times or more
Group II—words used 500–999 times
Group III—words used 100–499 times
Group IV—words used 50–99 times
Group V—words used 25–49 times
Group VI—words used 5–24 times

Words not appearing on the Lodge list are also used to get familiar situations into the story. They appear as Group VII.

In the basic vocabulary immediately following the story the words are grouped according to chapters. In most cases each chapter, in addition to its own words, includes those of the preceding chapter. The repetitious character of the rending material is an essential factor in providing for mastery of vocabulary.

The author is indebted to Professor Chas. H. Judd, dean of the Department of Education; to Professor H. C. Morrison, formerly director of the Laboratory Schools; and to Miss Elsie M. Smithies, head of the Department of Latin of the University High School, all of the University of Chicago, for the opportunity of trying the material of the story with classes of the University High School; to Miss Mima Maxey, the author's colleague in the Department of Latin of the University High School, for her encouragement and criticism