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A. D. 1266. Anno quinquagefimo primo Henrici III. Stat. 2, 3. 23

The Statute made Anno 51 Hen. III. Stat. 2. and h., D. 1266,

Dies communes in Banco.

Concerning general Days in Bank in Real Adions.

Cotton MS. Claudius, D. 2.

SI breve venerit in Odtabis sancti Michaelis, tunc dabitur dies in Octabis sancti Hilarii ; Si in quindena sanfti Michaelis, in quindena sancti Hilarii ; Si in tres septimanas sancti Michae- lis in octabis [crastino] Purificacionis beate Marie ; Si in crastino Animarum, in quindena Pasche; Si in Crastino sancti Martini, in tres septimanas Pas- che ; Si in Octabis cancti Martini, in mensem Pasche ; Si in quindena sancti Martini, in quin- que septimanas Pasche. Et est quidam dies specia- liter datus in crastino Ascenfionis Domini, & tan- tum valet, quantum quinque septimanas Pasche ; Si in quindena sancti Hilarii, in octabis sancte Trinitatis, & aliquando in crastino cancti Johannis Baptiste ; Si in Cractino Purificacionis, in oitabis sancti Johannis ; Si in Octabis Purificacionis, in quindena sancti Johannis ; Si in quindena Pasche in octabis sancti Michaelis : Si in tres septimanas Pasche, in quindena sancti Michaelis ; Si in mense Pasche, in tres septimanas sancti Michaelis; Si in quinque septimanas Pacche, vel in Crastino Accen- sionis Domini, in mense sancti Michaelis; Si in ostabis sancte Trinitatis, in Crastino Animarum ; Si in quindena sancte Trinitatis, vel in Crastino sancti Johannis Baptiste, in Crastino sancti Mar- tini ; Si in Octabis sancti Johannis Baptiste, in Octabis sancti Martini ; Si in quindena sancti Jo- hannis Bapticte, in quindena sancti Martini: Et sic recpondet quilibet terminus alii.

The Statute made Anno 51 Hen. III. Stat. 3. and Anno Dom. 1266, T)ies communes in Banco in placito dotis. Concerning general Days in a Writ of Dower.

Cotton M5. Claudius, D..2.

SI breve venerit in odtabis cancti Michaelis, da- bitur dies in crastino Animarum ; Si in quin- dena sancti Michaelis, in crastino sancti Mar- tini ; Si in tribus septimanis sancti Michaelis, in oc- tabis sancti Martini ; Si in mense sancti Michaelis, in quindena sancti Martini ; Si in crastino Anima- rum, in octabis sancti Hilarii ; Si in crastino sancti Martini, in quindena sancti Hilarii; Si in octabis sancti Martini in crastino Purificacionis beate Ma- rie ; Si in octabis sancti Hilarii, in quindena Pas- che ; [ Si in quindena sancti Martini, in octahis Purificacionis beate Marie ; Si in octabis sancti Hilarii, in quinda Pasche; Si in quindena sancti. Hilarii