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Hic sum modo quando petitus opem dare, ad aerumnas solvendas sententiam proferre, spatium nominis convertere, et ut possim utilissime agere, tamen cavearis, soleo laborare apud Vicipaediam quae est locus opimus me invenire. Quaeso, me conloquere in linguis quas legere et in quibus responsum remittere possum, ita: latine, anglice, italice (vel ullis eius dialectis australibus), aut hispanice. Russice libenter mihi scribe, at responsum probabiliter non erit scriptum russice, et si erit, quippe in litteris latinis, non cyrillicis. In nullo modo non possum intellegere francicam vel theodiscam. Gratias!

I am here mostly to give help when asked, give my opinion on matters of debate, translate the name space properly, and generally be as useful as possible, but be warned, I usually work at Vicipaedia which is the best place to find me. I ask that you converse with me in one of the languages I can read and in which I am able to send a reply, which are: Latin, English, Italian (or any of its southern dialects), or Spanish. Feel free to write to me in Russian, but I will probably not reply in Russian, and if I do, certainly with the latin alphabet, not cyrllic. I know no French or German whatsoever. Thanks!