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Haec pagina emendata et bis lecta est

B. Ita est? In Britanniam sine morā eundum est. … Iterum grātias, frātercule Rōmāne. — Cómis in amīcum fuisti.

Ground Plan of a Roman House.

A, The front door. B, The Atrium with the impluvium in the centre. C, The household altar. D, The dining room. E, The tablinum, study, or office. F, Passage to the garden. G, The garden. aaa, Chambers. b, The roadway in front of house.

R. Quando tē in Britannia vīsam?

B. Mox, mī amīce, sī mē adiuvābit Mercurius.[1]

  1. Mercurius, the god who aided any kind of cleverness.