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Magistratus possunt paginas delere, deletas (vel mutatas) restituere, omnino aut partim protegere, usoribus obstruere nuntiaque interficialia recensere et spatium nominale MediaWiki recensere.

Quisque magistratus apud Vicipaediam aequali communique suffragio eligitur: #Petitio magistratus.

Haec pagina Index Magistratuum est.

  1. Alex brollo (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)
  2. Candalua (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)
  3. Doug (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)
  4. Hsarrazin (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)
  5. John Vandenberg (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)
  6. Lew XXI (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)
  7. Matthead (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)
  8. MF-Warburg (talkcontribs) (Magistratus)
  9. OrbiliusMagister (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)
  10. VIGNERON (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)
  11. Zyephyrus (talkcontribs) (Grapheocrates, Magistratus)

Census magistrātuum: unquam (N.B. the above stats include retired admins and global rights holders (e.g. stewards))


Petitio grapheocrates[recensere]

Petitio magistratus[recensere]

Barbaking (talkcontribs) SUL

Hi, I would like to ask for magistratus mandatum, or admin’s rights, on this project. I think we could use more active admins, not least to clear up deletion requests, and I confess that sometimes I personally felt the need for the extra buttons, to move/delete pages (as happened here: I had to move pages by copy-paste, and it would have been more appropriate, not to say easier, to delete the redirects and use the “move” button). Also, there is a lot of useful stuff I would like to import from the italian or french Wikisource, and again it would be better to use the “import” button instead of copy-pasting. I have been a wikimedian since 2006, and I have been active on this project for months, and plan to remain here for a while (I have a ridiculously long list of latin books I would like to work on). I have also formerly been an admin on the Italian Wikipedia and presently admin on the Italian wiktionary, since about 2014 (if I remember correctly); at the very least I won’t harm the project. Vale, --Barbaking (disputatio) 16:44, 17 Martii 2020 (UTC)[reply]

well, it's been 30 days... not exactly a plebiscitum, but I suppose this is all the votes we are going to get... @OrbiliusMagister: since you have been so kind, and since you also are a Grapheocrates, if you think everithing is regular, could you please flag me? multas gratias ago vobis omnibus, qui opinionem vestram expressistis :) --Barbaking (disputatio) 11:09, 17 Aprilis 2020 (UTC)[reply]

✔ Perfectum est.. Nunc etiam tibi plura meliora facere licet. - OrbiliusMagister (disputatio) 12:50, 17 Aprilis 2020 (UTC)[reply]